MoneyStrands – personal finance and money management software

The moneystrands software is a personal finance, budgeting and money management software that allow you to manage all your personal as well as business finances directly from one centralized place.

moneyStrands personal finance software

You will be able to monitor your spending very effectively with MoneyStrands software. Create Daily budgets and manage your finances much better than before. The software will guide you as to how you should track your spending.

You will also acquire very useful tips on savings by using the moneystrands software. You will get financial product recommendations and coupon recommendations that are tailored uniquely with your spending habits.

It makes the better management of finances easy as well as affordable. You will not have to avail of the services of an accountant when using the moneystrands software that give you a real time overview regarding your finances.

The iPhone and other mobile application of this software will help you to monitor your finances when you are on the move.

The software also has an automated budgeting tool that will help you to create as well as track your monetary goals and save them.

The customs alert feature of this software will provide you with notifications regarding things such as low balances, monthly budget limits and available credit.

Features of MoneyStrands Software

  1. Bill Tracking Option : Bill Tracking Option give you detail information about all reoccurring bills to you for a month, a week or in the form of a list. The bills will be coded in colors in order to indicate their payment status. You will be able to roll over the bill entries to witness payee information and see what amount of money is overdue for payment. You will also be able to see the bills that are approaching as well as the bills that have already been paid over the last thirty days.
  2. Budgeting Wizard : With budgeting Wizard, user can create a realistic home budget. The budgeting wizard will guide you through four very easy steps in order to complete as well as generate a spending plan for a period of one year. You will be able to determine the areas in which you need to reduce your spending and also what your budget should be for spending on these areas. This will of course depend largely on how much you wish to save.
  3. Timely Alerts : Easy to set up automatic email alerts and web alerts for low credit available, budget goals, large withdrawals as well as low balances. The software will also summarize your budget goals, saving and spending in the form of a single email and send it to you at the end of every week.
  4. Easy to use and simple to Set Up : only valid 1 email address are required to create your own anonymous moneyStrands account. also easy to import all transaction from your checking, savings, credit card and loan accounts to your moneyStrands account.
  5. Bank level Security : it use Industry standard SSL encryption for all MoneyStrands pages to secure your online transactions and all Servers are hosted in a secure data center with 24/7 CCTV video surveillance and security guards.
  6. Account Aggregation : Easy to upload transactions with a manual accounts. currently provide support for OFX, .QFX and .CSV file formats to upload transactions.
  7. Cashflow management
  8. Insightful analysis and reports
  9. Debt and fees management
  10. giving you Saving recommendation.
  11. Bills Calendars
  12. multi-currency and multilingual support
  13. Mobile application for smartphones to easily access your account anytime from anywhere.

Thus, moneystrands software is a very beneficial device that you can use in order to manage your finances very effectively and easily.

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