Model Baker 2 – Create server side LAMP web app for iPhone, iPod touch and Google Android

You are currently viewing Model Baker 2 – Create server side LAMP web app for iPhone, iPod touch and Google Android

User can easily create server side LAMP web application with the help of Model Baker for the iPhone, Web, Android and iPod touch devices without any requirement of prior programming knowledge.

modelbaker 2 web app creator

According to the words of the Widget Press – applications can be easily build from the scratch. The users who particularly aim at the creation of a experiment, ideas, prototype and visualize quickly mainly use Model Baker and then the results are quickly displayed onto the iPhone or Web app.

Themes and images, stylesheets can be easily created here as well as they can be customized through the use of a text editor. The 1.2 framework of Cake PHP as well as 5 non – encrypted compliant code and PHP 4.3.2 is used and generated by the Model Baker.

The apps developed by Model Baker 2 are W3C XTHML/HTML/CSS-validated markup that is well compatible with any of the browsers of the modern time.

The system requirements for using this include Intel Core Duo 1.25GHz or faster, 1GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, 1024 x 768 resolution, 500MB hard disk space and Internet connection.

With the help of Model Baker 2 you can do several unexpected and brilliant things for your customers, business, school and organization. A corporate intranet can be rapidly built right from the scratch with the aid of this tool.

Customized client web applications can be easily created with the help of Model Baker 2 based on templates. You can also take online classes and all your students can access their Apps from an iPod touch, iPhone, or Google Android. This all can be done with the single click of a mouse.

Features of Model Baker 2

  1. Creation of a Web App that is extremely Easy – The web site can be easily build with a single click. It cannot be easier than this.
  2. Database Integration – Columns as well as tables can be easily inserted by you at the time of building of your app.
  3. Zero Programming – You are not required to have any prior programming knowledge for using this app. It will provide an ease generation of your code.
  4. Agile Development – You can prototype as well as experiment with the data model of yours in the real time.
  5. iPod & iPhone touch – Web apps for the mobile can be easily built with just a single click.
  6. Ext JS – To your very web app you can easily add polishes that will generate the objects of Ext JS automatically.
  7. Templates – Reuse the projects of your Model Baker as a set of multiple templates.
  8. Themes – You can get several new look as well as feel with the themes being provided.
  9. Plug-ins – Custom plug-ins can be easily added into your web app through the use of the Model Baker.

Thus, Model Baker 2 is basically used for creating useful application that can be used for several technologies. Its working is very easy and the added benefit regarding its use is that you are not required to have any prior programming knowledge for using it.

Download : ModelBaker 2.1

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