Manage your password online secularly with Mitto

Mitto means “to send” in Latin.  As the name suggests, this application helps to save the password safely and secularly using an online service. it specially designed to suit the exact requirements of the user who wants to keep his password safe and secured.

Mitto online password manager

Mitto will work anywhere, where you have the internet access. It has some best security protocols that are available in the market. This ensures that you will be safe in the knowledge that your important and confidential passwords are secure. All you need is a computer with a internet facility and any modern standard complaints browser such as Firefox, chrome, safari opera or internet explorer version 7.

Once you registered with Mitto, it give you storage space where you can store all your password and then login to you favorite sites by simply clicking a button. No need to remember or retype your passwords anymore! You can access your passwords securely from any computer, organize them with tags and securely share them with trusted friends and more.

You can always reset your password if you forget it. You however must answer some basic question before you get to reset your password. It enables its users to work smarter and faster relying that their password is safe and secured with them.

Features of Mitto

  1. The best thing about Mitto is that you don’t have to type your password to log into other sites. It provides direct access to any site you are registered in.
  2. You can add sites to your existing ones. Adding popular sites like Facebook, Gmail is as easy as typing its name.
  3. Signing up for mittos secure password manager takes a few minutes of yours..
  4. This devise is a strong and secure encryption online password manager. With this device only you can view your password.
  5. Mitto uses national security agency (NSA), which ensures complete confidentiality.
  6. This application uses and sends you  text message with as special code in your cell number when you log in from some other computer. This gives you an extra edge over the security coverage.
  7. Early identification of fraud is the key to any suspicious activity. Mitto keeps your login history safe. This enables you to keep track of your logins whereabouts.
  8. Since the users may have hundreds of logins, they can organize them by the help of the tags making it easier to find. Users can simply access any password by their tags.
  9. When you need to share your password with people close to you, mitto’s password sharing option is the best as you can keep track of who has the access to it.
  10. Mitto is an open source application, however in future there may be some plan to offer a paid service for the individuals and business service for companies.

This application is the best in the market in comparison to its competitors. With mitto, you can be rest assured for working from public computers not fearing even least about the security breach. It helps you to be much more organized in your work area. You will never loose the track of your favorite site.With this handy application installed in your computer, you can pick up from where you have left.Mitto bookmarklet facility can also be installed in a jiffy. Clearly, this is the best password manager to have hit the market in the recent times.

Download : mitto online password manager


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