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MindMeister is an easy and effective way to design map. It can be used in businesses, by students and innovative individuals. It lets you collaborate with other users and work in a team. Mind Map helps you to depict data easily and lets your employees grasp them faster. It is a great software which gives you an edge over your competitors. It has gained huge popularity in the recent years. It is sure to make your business efficient and save time.

MindMeister Online mind mapping tool

MindMeister comes in various forms. You can use in the online as well as offline mode. In the offline mode you can use the Google Gears offline library to produce maps. You can use MindMeister even when you do not have an Internet Connection. When you come online your updates are automatically incorporated. You can introduce your own mind map from Mac Dashboard, Windows Sidebar or Yahoo! Widgets Desktop with the new Geistesblitz Tools. You can do this with or without your browser open. MindMeister is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Geistesblitz Email & SMS gateway lets you insert new ideas even when you are on the go straight from your mobile. You can also mail maps to your Geisteblitz address. MindMeister has an efficient API that allows you to integrate the benefits of MindMeister with your own applications. It also lets any other user who is using your application to produce maps and edit data on MindMeister. You just need to download the API key to start integrating. MindMeister hosts three plans- the Free, Premium and business. The Premium and Business plans cost $50 per month and $9 for each user per month respectively.

Features of MindMeister

  1. MindMeister can be used in online and offline mode. This had made it easy for users to access MindMeister wherever they are even if an internet connection is not available.
  2. You do not have to download or install any software in your computer. Thus it does not run the risk of slowing down your computer or eating up your disk space.
  3. You can import and export data from Mind manager and Freemind.
  4. You can collaborate with you co-workers while developing maps using MindMeister. This lets you apply collective ideas which generate better results. They can instantly visualize the alterations that being done.
  5. You can easily share the maps with your colleagues that you have produced using MindMeister.
  6. MianMeister allows you to take down notes, brainstorm and design schemes for your projects when you are working on your maps.
  7. Mindmeister provides special packages for educational institutions and NGOs and enterprises that need in-house deployments along with their own firewall.
  8. It has a simple and interactive user interface.
  9. MindMeister is well adept in handling industry data and maintaining their security. It also offers undo history options.
  10. MindMeister hosts an application for your iPhone.
  11. It has an online tutorial which you can refer to before starting off.

MindMeister is n efficient software that gets your job done.

Download : http://www.mindmeister.com/

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