– online platform for conducting net meetings as the name suggests is an online platform for conducting net meetings within your organization or for personal reasons in a simple and easy way. There aren’t any complexities in using this platform and it gives you much improved options which enhances your virtual meeting space. online meeting platform

  1. User-friendly interface : The user interface provided by this scheme is very simple and easy to understand. The instructions provided for each and every task is very easy to comprehend. There are also several color schemes that marks its difference with respect to others. You can certainly work on new web-pages without an exit from the current page. The placing of participant list above the meeting page has helped the people to see and check the number of people who has been moved to the top of the meeting page.
  2. Improved email communications : Email plays very key role in The various users can interact with each-other via the email. You will get to know everything going on outside as the information’s will be sent directly to your inbox and are not certainly required to log-in. All the transactions are recorded and shown to you by automatically. The changes in the meeting plans are also constantly notified to the people via their email. The authentication of the information is guaranteed through the and it is ensured that the people will certainly rely on it.
  3. Real Time Meeting Pages : The page provided is real-time. Automatic updating of shared material, notes, comments are done without even requiring updating it. All the newly added features are available on the web-page on their own without even refreshing them. The number of comments given can be also seen using this feature of The suggestion for bettering the condition of the existing is highly appreciated. You may feel absolutely free to convey your decision for the betterment of the

Features of

  1. No need to remember password
    • Login-in can be done using any of your existing account either in Facebook, orkut, and twitter.
    • Email provides the authentication and ensures the security.
  2. Create effortlessly meetings
    • setup can be done on Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.
    • A special bookmark can be used to create a new meeting very quickly.
    • Meeting management tools can be explicitly provided using
  3. Stay updated always
    • You will be always notified or you will always get the updated news through your email.
    • Summary page are used for showing the updates.
    • Avoid endless email-chains: All the meeting related things are available on a single page.
  4. Co-create Agenda
    • With other people you can create and even edit agendas.
  5. Easy to share Notes
    • You can write your own notes and may inform others.
  6. Share Materials Effortlessly
    • The work of editing should be done on a group-wise basis so that the knowledge of all people can be shared.
    • Materials are uploaded very easily.
    • Materials can be embedded easily from any third-party service.
    • Each and every material should be commented.
    • User can use any device to send a notes.
  7. Upload through Email
    • Every meeting has a separate mail-id for individual work and so any change in the plan or schedule of the meeting can be uploaded through email.

Thus all these modern and effective features would surely lighten your online meeting space and you should be able to deduce effective results from it.

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