MangoSpring – A Complete Real-Time Business Communication & Collaboration Platform

MangoSpring has emerged as one of the most successful technology and service for both web as well as mobile phones. Being the most powerful open communication as well as project execution solution, MangoSpring has been the cause of large fortunes for over five million companies. It seeks in the collaboration of all the communication solution one needs at the work front. With services like Enterprise grade Micro-blogging, instant messaging, Project messaging and Comments, social communities, all seek to help people share their work and creations.


MangoSpring was founded in the year of 2007. With the help of the Collaboration Suite, you can integrate as well as bring together all the MangoApps. This helps you in tracking all the happenings in the company in no time and helps you in keeping you close to your priorities.

All MangoSpring’s collaboration products are built on its real-time collaboration platform called MangoApps. MangoApps provides core set of communication and collaboration services to all MangoSpring applications. These MangoApps provided services seamlessly combine new communication methods (enterprise micro blogging) with other real-time collaboration methods (like instant messaging), to deliver a revolutionary business collaboration experience.

Features of MangoSpring

  1. With the help of Mango Talk, you can connect as well as collaborate with the people at your work in a better way. It incorporates some of the communication tools like Instant Messaging, Microblogging and even Voice over.
  2. MangoDocs helps you in sharing, collaborating, managing and following the documents and media within your company. It is simple, smart and secure document collaborating software.
  3. Mango Tasks is a simple and collaborative personal task list. It can also be public so that the people in your company can have an access to it so as to comment, follow as well as to be notified whenever the task status is updated.
  4. MangoEvents helps you in planning out your corporate events, meetings, trips, training and even parties in an easier and effective way
  5. MangoProjects will help you out in managing your projects and collaborating with your team, partners as well as your clients. This application also allows sharing of files, links, and tasks and also allows discussions and gives everyone an equal opportunity of participation.
  6. MangoIdeas seeks to manage the company’s ideas from its very concept to its completion. This application provides you with an opportunity with your business ideas from post-it notes and even emails. The ideas can be shared, commented upon as well as realized and analyzed within the company itself.

Pros and Cons of MangoSpring


  1. Offers applications like instant messaging, blogging for quick communication.
  2. Allows sharing of documents and files without any hassles involved.
  3. Everyone can be easily notified with the updates regarding different tasks and works with the help of the MangoTasks application.
  4. Events, trips, meetings and parties can be planned out and organized in a much easier way with the help of MangoEvents.
  5. It seeks to help in discussions and provides a platform to everyone who is involved with the company.
  6. It also offers feedbacks and comments from all involved with the successful running of the company.
  7. Being web based, one can have an access to it anytime and from anywhere.
  8. You can always stay in touch with your clients, customers and partners anytime of the day.

MangoSpring Collaboration Suite seeks to specialize in building critical business communication as well as collaboration products. The Collaboration Suite seeks to bring together all of the MangoApps with the 3rd party applications which are built on the MangoSpring Collaboration suite platform. It offers a smart and natural way to run your business successfully.

Download : MangoSping Collaboration Platform


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