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One of the most effective and classiest Picks from the App Store is the Custom Lock Screen Creator.

All important features like 7-Day Calendar, Weather Forecasts, If Found Text, Calendar Events, iOS style is incorporated in this app as well as Custom Backgrounds.

Lock Screen Custom lock screen creator

Lock Screen Custom lock screen creator 1

According to the latest restriction set out by Apple, a thorough manual updating of the image of the lock screen can be performed by the users after updating or saving from the alert generated by the reminders that take works at an incredibly fast speed.

The wallpaper of the lock screen will be overwritten by the developers of Apple in the near future and the Lock Screen will be updated automatically for you in that very background.

At the present moment, the App of Lock Screen is a “Creator” and not a “Manager” of the Live-Active Lock Screen.

This is not permitted by Apple. This fact is always displayed and has never been kept as a secret.

The fault lies with the interception of the customers who have not gone through this disclaimer and so has given the developers only 1-star.

Features of Custom lock screen creator

  1. The start can be made with the following customs including PLEASE RETURN text as well as IF FOUND, the Alternative Number of yours as well as Your Name. The iOS investment of yours can be protected from anywhere as it is locked by a password!
  2. A calendar of 7-Days can be added. This feature enables you to remember the days as well as the dates of that very week! This will be the calendar that will be the most accessible.
  3. A Weather Forecasting for 7-Days can be made by you for your recent entry in the zip code or GPS location!
  4. Even the feature of Temperature Forecasting can be added to your zip code or GPS location worldwide that enables you to know the temperature for that very day.
  5. Even Event Reminders can be added to your native Calendar of iOS. To the calendar of your lock screen red dots are automatically added that marks the scheduled appointments as well as the events in your own personalized calendar.
  6. You are free to use your very own Backgrounds & Photos or you can even import them from any other application’s wallpaper. Complete SCALE & MOVE works flawlessly!
  7. Update Reminder in the form of Alerts can be set up on your Lock Screen that allows it’s smooth running.
  8. The conversion of Temperature to Celsius from Fahrenheit can be easily made!
  9. Previewing of Pixel-Perfect can be done!
  10. Automatic shading can be done behind calendars as well as texts that guarantee everything that will appear is readable irrespective of the background desired by you.

With such highly effective features, this app is sure to be tested by the various users in their iPhones.

It not only enhances the appearance and function ability of your cell but also helps it to work better as it keeps the internal parts of your cell in good shape.

Download: Lock Screen creator

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