Localist Calendar – social calendaring platform

Localist Calendar is a social calendaring platform that allow you to engage your audience and track their social activity.

It is mainly Focus on Washington DC and Baltimore Events and provide its applicants to remain aware about the several incidents that are taking place nearby them.

you can browse events by venue, type, age-restriction or date and easily agree to attend an event or comment on it with Facebook or Twitter Account.

The overall interface of this site is not complicated and luminous one it’s effortless to glide over throughout the site.

The shades that are being applied is of grey, white and other type of colors that in turn gives it a excellent and intellectual look and even adds a relaxing factor so that the applicants finds it cool for a long time during its usage.

The applying of little multicolored images as well as visuals gives it an enjoyable and peppy appearance with less pressure on the site. You can check into this method in a very uncomplicated and smooth way and it’s easy to work with.

Features of Localist Calendar

  1. Social Media incorporation – The Localist Calendar app has incorporation with the social platforms like Facebook, foursquare and twitter so that you may peek into every action of your friends
  2. Fair Labeled – Localist Calendar can accurately go with the gaze and experience of your portal, providing a faultless experience.
  3. Increase the traffic counts – Using Localist Calendar you will surely be enjoying more traffic counts to your online calendar.
  4. Increase number of Student withholding – Localist Calendar also enhances the prospect of student withholding
  5. Automatic Curation – Data is collected from the sources and then it is transformed into a list thus saving the precious time and lots of money on behalf of the administrator
  6. Single and simple Sign-On – You have sign up only once with Localist Calendar and the sign up process is also extremely simple and there aren’t any big complexities.
  7. Powerful widgets – The advanced widgets incorporated in the Localist Calendar tool will help you to share your content all around the globe
  8. Available on Mobile platform – Localist Calendar is available in the mobile platform too making it accessible from any hand held devices
  9. Movie schedule – Localist Calendar has an advanced listing feature of all the latest movies and the upcoming movies too.
  10. Reverse distribution – Localist Calendar is foolproof in preventing any plagiarism issues as it exports the significant data to the pagination system of yours in your required format.
  11. Newsletters – You will have the complete authority of maintaining your very own set of newsletters so that you can convey all your important events
  12. Complete Control – Localist Calendar makes sure that its user is the total controller of their contents.
  13. SEO – The pages are optimized so that it arrives in the top lists of the search engines.

Yes, this site is mainly built up for the people of above mentioned places but others can also enjoy it to get the feeling of these two notified places. With such an outstanding line up of advanced features, Localist is sure to set a high standard for all the calendar based applications.

Download : Localist Calendar


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