Layers – Natural media painting application for iPhone and iPod Touch

Layers have been launched as the most developed natural application for media painting purpose for the iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

Layers have been set up as a revamped and more advanced version of NetSketch to facilitate media painting on your iPhone and iPod.

Layers natural media painting application for iphone

It has been created with included new one and multifaceted features on the basis of valuable feedback of numerous mobile artists. Thus, Layers consists of almost everything that you might need to enhance your creativity.

A latest version of Layers 2.0 has been launched that includes some new added characteristics along with its existing features.

Layers 2.0 bring in a completely new image import section that simplifies the process of attaching photos to your new paintings.

All you have to do is choose a photo from within your iPhone’s image gallery and then you’ll be able to get a preview of how that photo will present into your sketch.

Adjustment of size and position can be done easily by dragging the photo. So, with Layers 2.0 you can obtain anything you want to.

Features of Layers :

Layers has quite a few exciting and useful features that make it a must have painting application for your iPhone and touch pads. These features include:

  1. It offer creative layers that enhance your creation to a great extent. Using Layers you can include five distinct layers to your illustration and thus develop an entire innovative creative world. For getting the exact idea regarding the implant you will have to put in an image, then apply the eraser device to expose the layer underneath selectively. You can also create numerous translucent layers in order to depict separate components of your photo. With Layers you can make identical layers, combine them down, etc.
  2. You have the scope to export personal drawings as Adobe Photoshop files (PSD). During this process your layers remain conserved. If you want to save higher resolution versions of your illustrations you have the option of downloading the Layers Replay Viewer and also generate QuickTime replays.
  3. Layers offer 10 accepted media brush tools, and it is developed to support supplementary brush sets in upcoming releases. You can send in personal request for a brush and if applicable it might be included in the next version of Layers.
  4. Layers offers undo options that save your edits, undo and redo after your drawing is complete. It has a 30 level undo archive.
  5. The Layers consists of color picker that provides you with simple access to a wide array of colors. With Layers you can smother semi-transparent strokes. The eraser device can also be semi-transparent. An instinctive color picker helps you to capture any tint into your presented drawing.
  6. Layers 2.0 have introduced a smudge implement capable of adjusting quality, size, and weight along with the existing spread brush and eraser kit. Using any brush of your preference among the ten brushes you can extend out your exclusive painting approach.

Download : Layers


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