Kolab Groupware Suite

Kolab Groupware Suite is a solution for appointments, mails, contacts and much more. Since it has got an open storage format, it seeks to support a mixed client environment (Outlook/KDE). Any of the email client speaking average protocols can be provided through Kolab Groupware Suite. It offers to not just maintain but also to enhance the complete groupware software. Kolab is a personal information management solution that seeks to facilitate productivity as well as coordination through mails, contacts, appointments and other such things.

Kolab Groupware Suite

Main Features of Kolab Groupware Suite

Its unique design is based on the open storage formats and also the Open Standards which supports federated deployments, privacy centric and is well matched to a world of computing system which offers a wide range of smart clientele.

Kolab was first created through contract for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in 2002-2004. On the November of 2005, Kolab had won the Linux New Media Award in the category of ‘Best Group Software’.

  1. It is a Free Software and does not have any proprietary components.
  2. It supports a mixed client environment (Outlook/KDE/Web)
  3. It is based on open storage format thus enabling you to exchange information with multiple applications.
  4. It is a web organization interface which is supported by English, French, German and Dutch.
  5. It is an outstanding application as it focuses on scalability, protocols and components.
  6. It helps you to maintain your contacts and also keep a track of your clients with the help of the address book feature.
  7. You can even share your email contacts and can access net.
  8. Postfix can be used for a secure transfer of mail.
  9. LDAP’s directory services as well as authentication are widely used by Kolab Groupware users. It is a very simple and easy method of integrating infrastructure and solutions.
  10. Cyrus IMAP permits more than one user to share their mailboxes and folders.
  11. Apache HTTP Server can be used for the web based organization and also for user interfaces.
  12. You can also make use of features like SASL or OpenSSL.

Pros and Cons of Kolab Groupware Suite

Pros of Kolab Groupware Suite :

  1. Kolab does not come with any proprietary component and can be accessed free of cost.
  2. Client environment like Outlook, KDE, Web are all supported by Kolab.
  3. You can exchange information with numerous applications as it an open storage application using such a format.
  4. It is a very compact application which offers a host of applications in one.
  5. All the applications like the calendar, file sharing, billing module and others are very user friendly and easy to use.
  6. It is portable and easily accessible.
  7. Is very useful for big multinational companies and industrial houses.

Cons of Kolab Groupware Suite :

  1. It can only be used by those who are technologically advanced
  2. Not everyone can afford to use a Kolab Groupware tool
  3. Even though compact, it can be complex at times as well.

Kolab being a personal information manager enables you to organize yourself and others around you with the help of mails, calendar, contacts, tasks and other solutions. It is an ideal information relevant application for your industry, company, group or project.

Download : http://www.kolab.org/


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