Jan 13, 2013
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10 Great Password manager for iPhone 4

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10 Great Password manager for iPhone 4. Password manager is a application that help you to store and organize your secure data like bank password, account password, registration codec, personal identification numbers, credit cards numbers etc…into secure place.


Password manager is a application that help you to store and organize your secure data like bank password, account password, registration codec, personal identification numbers, credit cards numbers etc…into secure place.

Normally it use local database or file to store your data with encrypted password data. Many password manager work as form filler, where application automatically fill the user name and password data into forms.

Password manager for iPhone 4

iPhone password manager protect your data from the unauthorized access by crackers, malicious thieves or other types of phishing. Basically password manager available in 4 different ways such as Web based, desktop based, Portable and stateless.

Here we talking about Portable Password manager that easily install on your smartphones, PDA, or any other portable devices such as USB stick. Here is 10 useful Password manager for iPhone.

  1. My Eyes Only – iPhone password manager

    My Eyes Only is a password manager app for iPhone and iPod Touch application that allow you to protect your important personal information such as Secure passwords, credit cards, IDs and other personal Information from other worlds. it use 512 bit AES encryption for passwords, credit cards numbers, Social Security numbers and 256 bit AES encryption for Notes field in Logins, Financial and Other categories. User can also backup their personal information by using Wi-Fi network and Apple’s Bonjour. take your backup, restore and transfer your backup with multiple devices. – My Eyes Only

  2. Firebox Password Manager

    Firebox Password Manager give you simple, easy to use, encrypted storage for iPhone where user can easily store any kind of information such as Website login credentials /password info, serial numbers, credit card numbers, insurance info, software registration codes, private and confidential contact info. user can easily view and organize their information as per his requirement and rearrange them at any time. it use Blowfish Encryption Algorithm to encrypts all your data. – Firebox Password manager

  3. mSecure Password Manager for iOS Application

    mSecure is a leading password manager app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. it give you ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption Algorithm to protect your personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. mSecure is not only password manager but also provide 17 popular personal information templates. with this templates, user can create custom templates to make data entry more simple and instant. – mSecure password manager

  4. Wallet for iPhone

    Wallet is a personal, secure and flexible database application for iPhone that allow you to store and organize all your personal information such as web passwords, software license keys, credit card numbers, and more. it use 256-bit AES encryption with additional security features, including locking on sleep. Easy to sync your data with MobileMe, Dropbox, or WebDAV using your 3G or Wi-Fi connection, or directly with your Mac on a local network and update your information over the air and ready to go. – Wallet for iPhone

  5. Keeper Data Manager – password and data vault for iPhone

    Keeper Data Manager is a password and data vault for iPhone and iPad that help you to store your confidential password and secret information and protect your data from hackers. Keeper Data manager available for all mobile phones, tablets, and computers. featured included military grade 128–bit AES encryption security, Auto launch your favorite website with secured Keeper records, Self-destruct mode for secure your data, unlimited records, Custom Folders, Themes and dynamics search. – Keeper data manager (Keeper for Mac Review)

  6. RoboForm password manager for iPhone

    RoboForm for iPhone is iPhone version of award winning Password Manager and Form Filler – RoboForm. it allow you to access your data which you created and used on your Desktop, Laptop, or USB Drive, all using the RoboForm Online service, that provides up to date copies of your files on your mobile. – RoboForm For iPhone / iPod / iPad

  7. Ultimate Password Manager

    Ultimate Password Manager for iPhone help you to secure your password with AES 256 bits data encryption. featured included Retina Display support, Local notifications for expiring password, Dropbox integration for easy Backup and devise synchronization, intelligent password renewal process and give you full control on password generation rules. – Ultimate Password Manager

  8. Strip – Data vault and Password Manager

    Strip is a password manager and Data Vault that protect your sensitive information on your mobile devices. it protect your website passwords, financials as well as personal information from unauthorized access by crackers, malicious thieves and snoopy coworkers. – Strip Password Manager

  9. SplashID – secure password manager for iPhone

    SplashID for iPhone allow you to securely store and protect your website usernames, passwords, credit cards and bank accounts numbers , registration codes, personal identification number (PIN) , frequent flyer numbers, and many more from identity theft, keyloggers, and phishing. user can easily sync their important personal information directly from the iPhone to their SplashID Safe desktop application wirelessly. it use dual encryption system with both 256-bit AES and 256-bit Blowfish layers to reduce security risk for people who use the same password for multiple accounts. – SplashID for iPhone

  10. eWallet password manager and digital wallet

    eWallet is a your secure and convenient digital wallet where you can store your daily use password for web sites and work systems. it use military level (FIPS) 256-bit AES encryption to protect your eWallet from fraudulent use, keyloggers, malware, and other threats. you can sync you personal eWallets with multiple devices or PCs to get up-to- date your data everywhere. – eWallet

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