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The Invoice machine is a online tool to accelerate the process of producing invoice for your company. It helps you to generate professional invoices. It has an uncomplicated and easy to use interface that makes the task of creating invoices simple and fun. It is perfect for small businessmen and freelancers. It is an effortless way to create, organize and dispatch invoices to your clients. It makes it easy for you to market or sell your products or services.

Invoice Machine

Using the Invoice machine you can create invoices in a jiffy. You simply need to click on the plus sign and enter your data. The Invoice Machine arranges your data and makes it ready for presenting to your clients. It gives your invoices a clean and professional look. The Invoice Machine offers you a wide array of options for the creation and editing of invoices. The invoice machine supports multiple languages and currency. If you want to add the details of charges you can do so for each product or service or on per hour basis.

The Invoicing machine allows you to receive payment through the PayPal gateway system. It supports recurring invoices to be sent to your customers. The Invoicing Machine API allows you to integrate your documents with Basecamp. It not only allows you to deal with infinite projects simultaneously but also acts as a time manager. The Invoice machine is pocket-friendly. It is available in four packages- small, medium, large and extra large. The small version is always free. The medium, large and extra large packages cost $12, $24 and $48 a month respectively. They support 3 to unlimited number of estimates and invoices per month. They allow usage by 1 to unlimited users.

Features of Invoice Machine

  1. The Invoicing machine is an online software and does not require you to go through lengthy software download and installation procedures.
  2. There are multiple options that you can include in your invoices are language, discounts, currency, taxes, shipping, notes, etc. You can view the list of invoices that have been sent, paid for or are due. There are many filter options available with the Invoice machine. Your invoices can be filtered by time, client or status.
  3. You can send your invoices to your clients in two ways. You can either attach the copy of your invoice as a PDF file or mail it directly to your client through the Invoice machine.
  4. The invoice also lets you customize your invoices. You can add your own logo and choose colors to give them a desired feel.
  5. The Invoice machine is also efficient in dealing with your customers. You can customize options which automatically dispatch thank you and reminder emails. Thus it keeps track of the pending invoices and also pleases your customers.

The Invoice machine is the ideal software for handling estimates and invoices. It gets you effective results.

Download : Invoice Machine


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