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Instaviz provides an intuitive diagram sketching mechanism that is performed on your iPhone. Almost each and every child tends to draw certain lines and circles when they are idle in-order to display their creative mind. Usually the place for showing their creations includes the back-sides of your note-books, napkins made of paper etc.

That has been a very effective practice as when they have grown up they have come across several terms related to their sketching in a much wider sense. E-R diagrams, flowchart or even social networks etc. are the names that are widely related to sketching.

Just draw a free rough sketch with your hand. Now just see how Instaviz magically converts them into a proper geometric shape including rectangles, circles, triangles or any other named proper geometric shape. Now an explicit link is created between the free hand drawing and the geometric shape generated by Instaviz.

Instantly the closest layout to the sketch will be generated by Instaviz. The diagram can be even scrolled with the help of two fingers. The label can be edited as per your choice with suitable color and style. Brainstorm and conceptualize like you use pencil and paper, without a pesky interface getting in your way.

Features of Instaviz

  1. Graph exportation is the strong point of Instaviz out of the several strong points. The two available files namely GV and PDF can be exported through the implicitly use of this software. The solution is the most perfect one. It thus provides a WebDav server that allows you to Log into the account of MobileMe account and using that you can effectively download your PDF file. With the aid of the Wi-Fi network files can be shared on the network through the usage of WebDav servers using the iPhone.
  2. Instaviz is a pocket whiteboard for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that allow you to Sketch some rough shapes and lines, and it will magically turns them into beautifully laid-out diagrams.
  3. The iPhone’s screen is the place where you can draw your respective geometric figures with the help of your fingers. The simple movement of fingers from the first to the second node enables a connection between the two nodes. Thus, graph connections are very easy to establish with tremendous speed.
  4. Text of one or more than one lines can be written for each and every node and even the style and font of the nodes can be changed. The color of both the background and the foreground can be changed.
  5. The speed of graph creation is incredibly fast here the process of addition of styles, colors, text is super-fast and very easy.

The rough sketch that you have drawn will be given effective geometric shape by Instaviz. Diagrams can be shared effectively over the internet through emails. The near and dear ones can access your diagrams by sitting at their place by using websites. Real users can draw over 2,500 sketches that are trained to do so. The graph layout engine is displayed by Instaviz automatically. The greatest achievement of Instaviz is that it was awarded two Apple Design Awards in the year 2004 and there after researching on it for over 18 years it has come into use.

Download : Instaviz

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