Gsyncit – Synchronize outlook notes, calendars, contacts, Tasks with Google

Microsoft Outlook add-on -  Gsyncit allows you to Synchronize outlook notes, calendars, contacts, Tasks with Google, also user can sync Outlook tasks with ToodleDo’s task management service.

So user can easily Sync Outlook calendars with Google calendars and Google documents with Outlook notes.


Gsyncit is used to praise the syncing of your mobile workflow that enables you to sync your data of Outlook with Google which can be even accessed by you through the Google of your mobile device syncing capabilities along-with any third-party apps of mobile that can successfully access the Google account of yours.

Gsyncit only Synchronize data between Google and Outlook services and it does not sync with any mobile device directly. However, Gsyncit can be used to sync wireless solution with any other possible mobile device that even syncs with any other Google account.

If synchronization is supported by your mobile device with Google (e.g. HTC Droid, Nexus One and iPhone) then Gsyncit can be used for your data syncing between Google and Outlook is possible. Then the mobile device of yours can be synced with the Google account of yours using the mobile device of your with native syncing abilities of Google.

Any USB is not required for synchronization between your mobile device and your PC. Hence, Google is enabled to even act as a "conduit" for the data of yours.

A wide range of products is provided for mobile syncing by that enables the synchronization of the mobile phone of yours with any Google service.

Syncing of your phone may not be the part of the ability of syncing with Google docs (notes) or Google tasks that requires either the addition or installation of any software of any third-party so that in formations are even accessed by you on the mobile device of yours.

Features of Gsyncit

  1. Easy-to-use and simple configuration and interface.
  2. Outlook calendars are synchronized with aid Google.
  3. Google calendars are used to synchronize Outlook.
  4. Events are synchronized inside a predefined day range or range date.
  5. Alerts are detected on collision when any of the specified appointment has been changed in both Outlook and Google.
  6. Automated synchronization.
  7. Private as well as public Google calendars are easily accessed.
  8. syncing of private calendars are provided in a dual way.
  9. Public calendars are provided as a one-way event.
  10. Support is provided for publishing busy as well as free data only.
  11. Duplicate entries are matched when performing the task of initial syncing between Outlook and Google.
  12. Works with Microsoft Exchange accounts as well as Outlook 2007, 2003.
  13. Numerous Google calendars are easily accessed.
  14. Access is supported through the use of proxy servers. had fully tested as well as reviewed files and they are uploaded to install files, Gsyncit even lacks any spyware or adware, the latest version being 2.3.58 Beta version. This software is used for free when its Trial version is used.

Download : gSyncit


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