GQueues- Fully featured Task manager for Google Apps

When you have an online account filled with information related to your business, including projects to be completed, tasks inside projects, deadlines, customer feedbacks, etc., you need an efficient software to store and manage everything.

GQueues provides you the precise features to keep all your information safe and secure, organized and updated in your Google account, or your Google Apps account. GQueues is simple and easy-to-use, but at the same time, very efficient and effective.

To use GQueues, you don’t need to separately register. It will be available on your existing Google account. To keep a group of tasks under one roof, you can keep them tagged under a common file. That way, related files stay organized and are easier to locate, access and modify.

If the need be, GQueues also provides you with the option to divide a task into a number of subtasks, so that each part is dealt with more efficiently, with better understanding. GQueues also has provisions for uploading and sharing files as per the need of your project. You can set them such that no one is able to modify it. You can invite people to join the administration of that project, in which case, they’ll be able to modify files as they please.

Another advantageous aspect of GQueues is that, in situations of relative haste, if you are logged in to your Google account, you can use your Google calendar to create a task and store it in GQueues. You can access and modify it later. With android technology, the world has become even smaller. You can use GQueues in your multimedia phone. GQueues also lets you save files as different formats, so that they are stored in a secure place even if GQueues crashes somehow.

Features of GQueues

  1. You can use GQueues through your Google calendar. You need to select the date and fill it with the task to be performed, and saved it for GQueues to open it.
  2. Through GQueues, you can set up discussion tables on a task. Casual instructions, discussions and comments can also be shared among colleagues.
  3. You can hand out different tasks of a project to different sets of people to ensure that the whole work is completed on time. GQueues keeps track of tasks distributed.
  4. GQueues through Google Apps has special tools which lets you create GQueues files directly from your mails.
  5. GQueues is compatible with most web browsers. With Google Chrome, its work is more efficient. You can set tasks on GQueues while on any web page in chrome. This is very unique.
  6. The “smart queue” option shows you all your recent tasks, or tasks to be completed recently and many more.
  7. You can set the sequence of sub tasks in a task, or tasks in a project by merely dragging and dropping one over another.
  8. Recurring tasks are much more easily managed in GQueues, as it keeps track of all opened and modified files.

Being usable from inside your Google account or alongside Google Apps, GQueues has very easy availability. With GQueues, you can quickly update your work right after you check your mail.

Download : GQueues task manager for Google Apps


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