Back up Gmail and Google Apps account with Gmail Keeper Gmail backup tool

Outages are even suffered by several big to bigger companies and the access to Internet is not available always. These may land the persons in trouble that has many important in formations stored in "the cloud".

Gmail Keeper Gmail Backup Tool

The most commonly used system of mail is the Gmail. Gmail keeper is not an email program by default, it’s an lightweight webmail backup software specifically developed for Gmail and Google Apps users.

You are able to filter by mailbox, date, or label- you may also want to keep a back up of you all important messages labeled as "Work," or last three months’ messages.

You can also make numerous profiles which would help you to enable or to store various Gmail accounts, or to perform a task of doing a "big backup" once in a month except an "important mail" is being backed up daily.

It is probable to finish this by using any locally set up POP mailer like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. However, Gmail Keeper supplies you with some useful features that create it effective alternatives if you are not willing to read or write in Gmail locally.

It’s little and neat and further on you doesn’t need a complete e-mail app if in all you just want to download and collect messages from your Gmail account.

Further on the app will be storing all your required files in the zip format thus it will also be saving much of your required spaces. Moreover it can also be accessed and opened anywhere.

Features of Gmailkeeper

  1. Backup can be started from the Command Line : Gmail Keeper is used to store the backup in a much specified profile and all the back-ups are stored from anywhere be it other programs or anything else.
  2. Automation of Built-in Backup : Your account can be backed up automatically by creating an account on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. After the establishment of the setup of the backup profile all the other tasks are managed by the Gmail Keeper itself. This feature helps you a lot in your excess busy schedule.
  3. Restore & Backup All Your Gmail Folders : All folders can be restored as well as backed up including Sent Mail, Inbox, All Mail, Drafts and Starred. You can pretty well guess how much this feature is required in your daily schedule.
  4. Restore & Backup Gmail Labels : The emails are not only restored and backup but also the labels are also restored that are attached to each and every email.
  5. Migrate Apps Accounts or Gmail : You can transfer as well as any number of emails & their associated labels between any number of Apps or Gmail accounts.
  6. Safe and Secure : The backup data is provided a very high encryption and also the internet connection aids the Gmail server.

Thus with all such effective line up of features, the Gmailkeeper would surely be helping out a lot. It would not only keep your all important data in absolute safe places but also would make sure that your data is not mishandled or mistreated.

Download : Gmail Keeper – Gmail backup & restore tool


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