PDFCreator – free PDF Creator and Converter

Pdfforge.org is a website which is completely devoted to the various Open Source projects which helps many in creating their all important PDF documents. PDF creator is one of the best products from the house of PDFforge and is extensively used all round the market by different users.

free PDF Creator and Converter

PDFCreator is what you call the best known application software build to prepare your PDF documents and is superior from most of its substitutes. You can even add encryptions to your documents to prevent sorts of modification thus securing your important data or information.


The entire application is programmed in Microsoft’s Visual Basic application and provided to its users and is completely free of charge. Its mechanism is based both on 32-bit and 64-bit and works also on Windows editions counting Windows 7, on the inside using typically 32-bit code.

The real PDF creation or generation is controlled by Ghostscript. In addition to being mounted as a practical printer, PDFCreator can easily be linked with .ps files to physically change PostScript to simple PDF format.

PDFCreator has the capability of changing the following file formats to PDF file format: PDF (counting PDF/X (X-3:2003, X-3:2002, and X-4)PDF/A (1b) and, JPEG, PNG, , BMP, PCX, PS, TIFF, EPS, PSD, TXT, RAW, PCL,. It also permits you to digitally mark PDF documents.

It is an important thing to notify that the browser toolbar (closed source) that comes along with it is considered to be malicious in nature. Therefore you should have a check on the components before installing them to your machine.

Though suspected malicious in nature the toolbar has many effective features like search tool and a one click PDF creator that helps you to create PDF documents from any of your selected web pages.

Features of Pdfforge

  1. You can practically create a PDF document from any web page that allows you the option to print.
  2. Safety: You can even protect your valuable documents by encrypting them, thus preventing any sorts of plagiarizing deals.
  3. You can leave a mark on your PDF documents like signing on the documents to leave an implication about your authority on the documents.
  4. You can also make PDF/A type of files for longer duration records
  5. You can also email your generated files.
  6. You will have the power of creating more than just PDF’s like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PS, PCX, EPS.
  7. Ability to merge various of your documents into one PDF
  8. You can easily install the software without any hesitations. There are no as such complex steps that might provide you hindrances during your installation process.
  9. PDFCreator also has the capability of running on Terminal Servers devoid of offering any problems
  10. Supports both Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Thus with the all modern and effective features lined up, PDFforge is genuinely a premier body of proving effective PDF creating tools.

Download : pdfforge


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