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A very effective Online Task Management is provided by Flow and it is designed for that purpose. Due dates are also included in those tasks that are created by the users.

Flow - Online Task Management App

Specific projects are also discussed in a centralize place that includes the features of file uploading of specific tasks and a system of comment flow of the real time.

This is a web based application that enables the users to access the internet from anywhere. So, a wide range of users are enables to access data from anyplace and at anytime with the aid of the internet connection.

There is also an availability of iPhone features that allows the users to update their tasks and also enables their collaboration with their very own team.

Updates and also notifications are also received by the users that allow the users to choose and follow the specific tasks.

In formations are also provided in the real time by the Flow that enables the users to view the comments that are made recently in a live environment as well feeding data activity.

A solution that is very efficient provided by Flow that are used for businesses that contains great deal of flexibility to personal purposes or work, such as plans of travelling, daily tasks and much more.

Meta Labs created the Flow. Andrew Wilkinson founded this company in the year 2006. A great deal of flexible service is provided by Flow that serves many purposes. A set of tools are provided by Flow that provides a wide range of versatile service.

Also some task management as well as work flow applications is provided to a user who is professional so that he can maintain his business as well as personal tasks. Different kinds of task are handled by users by simply following the method of name changing of projects at all places be it office, road or home.

A white and blue color scheme is provided by Flow along-with vibrant orange in some parts gives a very appealing appearance. A pretty well organized design is provided by Flow that also provides a very professional appeal.

User comments can also be provided as the tools are it vey clean. A very basic design is provided for all features that maintains as much user friendliness as likely, despite of the place of implementation of this application.

Features of Flow

  1. Organize your Life :
    • Remember Everything : Tasks are created to keep a track of all the things that needs to be done. Share files, assign due dates, and organization of your own tasks into projects.
    • Centralization of things : Flow enables the organization of each and every task from the very small things to the very big thing of yours.
    • Cut Down on Email : Flow’s real-time comment system eliminates back-and-forth emails.
  2. Work from Anywhere :
    • Browser based : it’s an web based Apps, So never have to worry about syncing from the office or the airport.
    • Free iPhone Apps for Flow.
    • Access via Email : User can easily Email there tasks to tasks@getflow.com. You can also leave notes and delegate tasks to your team.
    • Also Desktop App for Mac to create and delegate tasks from your desktop.
  3. Collaborate With anyone :
    • Delegate : Track each and everyone’s progress alongside your own, Whether you’re delegating tasks to your assistant or assigning chores to your kids.
    • Discuss : Leave Comments, attach files, and coordinate what needs to get done in real-time.
    • Follow :  Follow your task to join the conversation, Receive updates and notification, when task completed.
  4. Real Time :
    • Instant Notification : Stay up to date with instant notifications. Receive updates and respond to comments, whether you’re at your desk or en route to a meeting.
    • Activity Feed : With Activity Feed, you can monitor your your team’s progress. So you know who’s done what and where your projects are headed.
    • Live Comments : With Flow, you get live comments as soon as they’re made and we even let you know whenever a co-worker is drafting a response.

Flow is of great help to all those people who wants an effective as well as simple tool for collaboration. This application is available at a very economical price that depends on the number of users.

All the works are properly maintained with the aid of this application.

Download : Flow

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