Real Flashlight for iPhone 4

The flashlight application powered by i4Software is a single button application to provide stunningly bright flashlight. The application is very simple and useful tool with toggle switch for the powerful flashlight.

Imagine your are going through a very dark place and you need a powerful flashlight to identify the objects ahead. You could have wished you had a smart, multi featured iPhone that had a powerful flashlight. The light is quite powerful and makes the user see everything clearly.

Unlike other flashlight applications, this application does not turn the screen white and provides enough light to make all the tools clearly visible. Users can use the easy to toggle switch to on and off the flashlight. The flashlight application is easy to use and quite simple.

It works almost instantly and gives the user a ease of eyes. With flashlight you can do multiple things like read a book at night, show the way while hiking and camping, find the keys while you are in dark place, make your self visible at night, entertain your friends with shadow puppets shows etc. It does not have the mock clap off feature that turns off in loud noise, no virtual light bulbs and even no disco toggle mode.

Features of Flashlight

  1. Powerful flashlight- Flashlight application from iPhone software is a very powerful yet easy to use application to provide flashy light in dark.
  2. Helps to show things in dark- While in dark users of this application can find small things like keys, spoons, etc. They can also locate whatever is ahead using this tool.
  3. A single switch application- Flashlight for iPhone 4 is a single switch application and the users can toggle between on and off to switch on and switch off this application.
  4. Not mock application- This application is quite genuine and is designed for the users to use it as a torch light. There is no clap and turn off mode or disco mode for switching on and switching off this application.
  5. Compatible with mobile devices using apple platform- The application is quite easily compatible with mobile devices using apple platform. However it is designed for iPhone 4
  6. Works instantly- The application is quite fast and works instantly whenever switched on.
  7. No gimmickry plug-ins or add-on- The application has no gimmickry plug-ins or add-on. It just turns on to show the way in darkness.
  8. Cameras flash on using flashlight- The application Flashlight can turn the cameras flash on within no time at all and stays on till its is turned off.
  9. Popular application among the iPhone users- The application is quite popular among the iPhone users for its simplicity and functionality.
  10. Comes for a very minimum cost- The application flashlight comes for a very minimum price and available at apple store.

Flashlight by i4Software is a very basic, yet a very useful application for the iPhone users that provides real and powerful flashlight to show the way in dark.

Download : Flashlight For iPhone 4


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