Fiabee – online backup drive for your documents, photos and videos

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Fiabee Chrome App and Fiabee products allow you to manage the files that are distributed across multiple devices and breaks the barrier between cloud and local storage. There are various Fiabee products that you can use to suit your needs.

These allow you to selectively synchronize, access your files from various mobile devices or to share files without locally downloading them. Fiabee Chrome App allows you to access, search and share all the data that you have stored in various devices that you own. You can even send files to your Android by first dragging them on chrome.

Fiabee - online backup drive

Fiabee Online Backup drive will provide you with an exact copy of all your directories, folders and files. It will protect the information you have stored ensuring that it will never be lost no matter what happens to your computer. This online backup software will allow you to create a backup of your hard drive safely and easily.

It has an easy installation process as when you download the Fiabee Online Backup, you are ready to create a backup of your files online. It ensures an automatic copy of the file that you edit or create through Fiabee’s advanced technology which will detect these changes and store them in the secure data center. In these cases you do not have to do anything.

Fiabee also offers you instant retrieval of files with just one click. It has a recovery-wizard that is easy to use and thus retrieving your data becomes much simpler and faster. Fiabee Online Backup also ensures the privacy of your data. Your digital life can be unlocked with special encryption key that has been created and can be accessed by you alone using a personal password.

Features of Fiabee

  1. Fiabee ensures double encryption of your files when sensing them and storing them on the servers.
  2. Data is stored in first class data centers run by multination enterprises. This ensures high security, privacy and service continuity measures.
  3. It uses advanced technology to protect data in most secure places.
  4. The access to your data is restricted and only you alone can do it.
  5. The security measures taken by Fiabee are stringent and ensure that no one other than you can access your data.
  6. Fiabee Cloud Storage does not have any adware or spyware.
  7. You can download this data backup software from a special server of which has tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files.
  8. The license of this file and disk software is Free Trial Software which you can download for free and get a trial before you buy.
  9. Fiabee allows you to access and share all your files from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as any web browser.
  10. It provides you with instant search across all devices even when you are offline.

Thus you can see how Fiabee products are extremely useful and important set of tools for you to create a secure backup of files and data.

Download : Fiabee – online backup drive

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