FellowStream – Simple virtual todo list to share your tasks with your team

There are many uses of the FellowStream and it is nothing but a Simple virtual to do list. A workspace is provided by this application that is entirely web based that enables the listing of tasks as well as the assignment of levels of priority on several items that are very vital.

FellowStream todo list

The status of each and every task can be viewed by the users in real time. The project to do list can be kept updated for all the time by the team members that enables the details of the moment progress.

The assignment of tasks can be done by the users through the use of the application of FellowStream and the tasks are assigned to each and every individual team members and also the tasks that are completed lastly are also listed here.

Deadlines are assigned to each and every team through the aid of calendars while accurate knowledge will be provided to the users though project wikis.

An option of easy messaging is already provided in the inbox feature that includes the function of file attachment. October 2009 was the year in which FellowStream was developed by the Avalon Labs.

Jacob Fike and Deborah are the two personalities who founded Avalon Labs and they are from Las Vegas, Nevada. At the present moment the original founders are a part of the team.

An adequate number of tools are provided by the FellowStream that enables the users to stay organized while the completion of a project for school, work, or any other purpose.

There are numerous organizational and team management applications available all around on the web now-a-days that makes it pretty difficult to recognize the 100% original thing.

Several that are contained in many other applications are also contained in the application of the FellowStream.

Effective communication with the team members, a snapshot view of the progress made in the project or even a close look at the contribution of each and every member individually and current obligations are all possible with the aid of FellowStream.

Team projects are effectively managed by FellowStream though it does not contain any unique feature. FellowStream has very high storage capacity of around 10GB and the features provided by it are pretty secured.

Features of FellowStream

  1. The project status can be viewed in its entirety just by giving a mere glance at it or through the reviewing of individual tasks .
  2. Send files as well as messages to all the teammates through the inbox facility that is in-built in it.
  3. Updates on everything can be given to everyone and this enables them to be updated with respect to time.
  4. Priority levels can be assigned to each and every list of tasks and due dates can also be assigned to them. Through the use of FellowStream even a project calendar can be maintained.
  5. Easy to attach Word docs, spreadsheets, and pictures to assigned tasks to help team members finish work.
  6. Make team communication more powerful by sending work related messages between Team members to avoid loss of question in email.
  7. get real time update about your Team progress and determine who’s working harder and who might need a little help.

The users who are given a team as well as a project, for them the use of FellowStream is extremely beneficial for them. The design of this application is also very appealing and eye catching.

The effective collaboration and completion of a project can be done easily through the use if this application.

Download : Fellowstream


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