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Feed nu is a new Blog to android app generator which specially designed for the active bloggers who want to generate their blog’s mobile application as a unique one among the Android powered applications. Feed.nu is a free to use software application that helps in generating a unique mobile application for the users’ blog.

Users can simply create an account and upload the updates and feeds and adjust the visual appearance. Editing the blog, too, is quite easy. One can upload multiple images, videos, etc. or can adjust there hue or color of the blog. The updates, feeds and edits can be saved by files with APK extension.

Added to that, users can upload this application to Android Marketplace and let people view, download access and share in their mobile devices. The uniqueness of this application lies in its ability of converting the RSS feeds into an application. Moreover, the users of Feed.au need not to be a proficient programmer to handle the application. It also fixes the minor bugs whenever needed. In a way, this is an out-of-the-box application generator for the active bloggers and Android OS users.

Features of Feed nu Beta-Blog to android app generator

  1. Ensures optimum functionality- The application ensures maximum functionality by generating applications using RSS feed
  2. No need to be proficient developer or programmer- The application generator provides the bloggers a chance to become developers and programmers without having prior knowledge of programming. The users of this application need not to hire a Java programmer for developing a simple application. The RSS feeds are transformed into mobile applications instantly.
  3. Combines WordPress with android- the application combines WordPress blogger’s site with Android, which together brings out a nonpareil application for the mobile users.
  4. Easy to use application- The application generator, Feed.nu, generates easy to use applications that can be handled by various users.
  5. Share the applications- The applications developed from the RSS feeds can be shared within any community or group and can also be imported and accessed from any group.
  6. Front-end support with plug in- the application generator is based on WordPress MU like a front-end support along with a plug-in.
  7. Plug-in support- The plug-in of the application generator helps you to access the blog feed, helps in customize the design applications and save it. It also allows to generate files with APK extension.
  8. Useful application for Android users- The application generator is quite useful for the android users who can easily develop applications according to their need using RSS feeds of their WordPress blog.
  9. Impressive layout- The application has a very impressive layout that makes the interface visually appealing as well as the tidiness helps the users to navigate through the pages without any hassle.

The application generator is a very interesting as well as a very functional tool for the active bloggers who want to develop an application without hiring a programmer. The android users can also use wordpress blogger site to develop user friendly and customized applications for themselves and for community members. In a way, the application stands ahead from its contemporary application generators for simplistic approach and optimum functionality.

Download : Blog to android app generator

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