Fake browser for Mac – A new Programmable Browser for Mac OS X Web Automation and Testing

Fake is a new web browser for Mac OS X which specially designed to make web automation works more simpler.

Fake browser for Mac

Fake lets you drag the discrete browser Actions into simple graphical Workflow which can be made to run several times without having to do anything more. User can easily Save, reopen and share Fake workflow which you have created.

Fake web automation technique is purely inspired from Apple’s own Automator application and the User interface is also combination of Automator and the Safari UI.

Its main function is to let you run and re-run "fake" interactions over the web. The difference with Automator is that Automator only controls the work running on Mac OS X, but Fake allows you to script almost anything you do on the Web.

When you look at it, at first Fake looks like a pretty simple Web Kit -based browser, with tabs providing graphical previews of the currently opened pages.

There is a floating pane from which you can drag and drop into a space provided on the right side of the Fake window, which creates a custom workflow which in turn handles the several online tasks.

Features of Fake – Web browser for Mac

  1. Bug testing- Drag together and make a basic workflow, like for automatic navigation to a form and uploading the file. Next, to stress-test the uploader, you need to add a repeat loop, and then insert a few required error handlers and conditional logic, and then you need to load it up with the assertions. Obviously it doesn’t make a substitute for manual testing, but still, it’s close, helping you kill bugs one normally couldn’t spot on their own.
  2. Fast and easy- Just like Automator, Fake browser offers a library of Actions, allowing you to make drag & drop works with particular Web-specified capabilities. You just need to fill up a form, and then click a button, follow the links – you are done! Fake browser can automate almost anything dealing with DOM and HTML elements. Fake also allows injecting JavaScript and CSS into the pages, which in turn provides better features like extensive safety testing and other things.
  3. The way you want- if you are a power user, you will love Fake to automate all your tedious web tasks such as filling up lengthy forms or even to capture screenshots. You can also use Fake to graphically configure automated checking web apps to include assertions, handle assertion failure and also error handling.
  4. The Fake’s automation techniques are powered by the Mac OS X’s own scripting tool – AppleScript. This means that you can incorporate Fake web automation into most other OS scripting tasks.

At around $30, Fake is bit pricey for general users, unless wrist-numbing and boring tasks are what you do most, over the Web. But for serious web coders, its smooth and clear execution surely makes Fake an amazing and time-saving investment. Try the free trial version once. It is a must try app.

Download : Fake browser for Mac OS X


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