50+ Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world that allows you to share information and makes the world more open and connected.

Millions of people use Facebook every day to keep up to date with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

There are also so many useful Greasemonkey scripts are available on the Web for Facebook, which will help you to improve your Facebook experience.

So here are some of the 50 best Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts.

50 Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts

  1. Share with Facebook in Google Reader: Easily add a simple “Preview button” that allows you to view the actual article in a frame. Clicking again on that button goes back to the RSS view. Support for both list view and expanded view. (link)
  2. Facebook Email Search Links: Appends Facebook links after email addresses for Facebook search. (link)
  3. Facebook album merger: It will add a drop-down list on the “Edit Album” page that will automatically select the album you want to move all the photos in the current collection. It is useful since Facebook has increased the maximum photos; a record can hold to 200 photos.
  4. Hide YouTube on Facebook: Hides all posts with YouTube videos on your profile.
  5. FlickrZoom: Get a preview of thumbnail images on Flickr, photo sight, photosig.com, onexposure.net, Facebook, and Google images. (link)
  6. Facebook Phonebook Exporter: Export your Facebook friends’ phone numbers to your phone/address book. (link)
  7. Full-screen YouTube & Vimeo (+others) on Facebook: All embedded Youtube & Vimeo videos (plus others) viewed on Facebook, by default, have the full-screen button/feature disabled. This script adds the button for full screen back. Works for Firefox 3.6+.
  8. Facebook Places – With Google Maps: Facebook places by default have Bing maps, but if you wish to have Google Maps instead.
  9. FB Gmail (NEW GMAIL): For the new Gmail – Displays notifications from Facebook.com on your Gmail view. (link)
  10. Gmail Facebook integration: Integrate your Facebook directly into Gmail in a buzz-like style (link)
  11. FBHC – Facebook Homepage Cleaner: Removes dirty updates from your Facebook homepage (e.g., quizzes, stumble upon, YouTube). Provides user preferences menu to turn/off updates as required. (link)
  12. Facebook Mass Accept Requests: adds checkboxes to each request and a big accept button allowing you to accept them all at once (link)
  13. Facebook enlarge : Enlarge the Facebook images when you mouse over them (link)
  14. Facebook Auto Colorizer:  An interesting script that analyzes the default image for any profile you visit and adjusts the color scheme of the page to match it. It also works on photos, events & group pages. (link)
  15. Facebook Purity: Clean up your Facebook homepage. Removes annoying quiz and application messages also “became friend with”, “is attending an event”, “became a fan”, “joined a group” messages from the Facebook homepage (link)
  16. Facebook Video: Download your favorite Facebook video directly from Facebook and also convert videos with Zamzar.com, and provides code to embed your videos in other sites. Now even works when Flash is disabled! ( link )
  17. Facebook chat bar +: Easy to use a set of emoticons that you can click for a more convenient way to use emoticons in Facebook chat. ( link )
  18. Facebook Friends Checker: it helps you to regularly checks your Facebook friends to check whether anyone has removed you from their friend’s list. ( link )
  19. Ad remover: You can remove Facebook ads, hide app and fan stories on profiles, make the home page into two columns, remove rounded thumbnails, hide app and fan highlights, and more. Plus, you can block invite from the app, fan, group, and event. Other features worth noting are the usage of direct share links and expand the width of the walls on profiles. (link )
  20. highlight birthdays: Simply Highlights today’s birthdays on your home page. (link )
  21. Facebook Layout Adjuster: Allows you to remove ads, sidebar and more to make a smoother looking version of the new Facebook.  (link )
  22. FriendFeed Facebook: Add Facebook in a tab on FriendFeed (link )
  23. Facebook to Google Calendar: Add your Facebook events to currently logged-in Google Calendar. Multi-language support is available. (link)
  24. Remaker: Facebook Remaker features are, reload the link, removes the home link, removes junk from the home page, cleans Facebook’s URL, better Facebook Toolbar, removes most ads, and more! You can also control what it removes from your Facebook.  (link )
  25. Refresh Facebook: Reloads Walls, News Feeds, Alerts, and Your Inbox Automatically. Now with auto-poke and message alerts! (link)
  26. Facebook Fixed Header: Makes the Facebook navigation menu remain ‘fixed’ to the top of the screen, while the content scrolls under it. (link)
  27. Facebook share anywhere: Put a Facebook share button on the current page. (link)
  28. Yahoo! Emoticons for Facebook: Replace text-based emoticons on Facebook (link)
  29. Facebook Uncorner ( Chrome + Firefox ) : create Rounded Facebook Corner for Chrome + Firefox browser. (link)
  30. SocialPlus! : Customize and make Facebook better with SocialPlus! (Skin, don’t like button, Video Chat, emoticons, color, nudge, photo preview ) (link)
  31. Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar: Easy to add chat Emotions into your Facebook chat. (link)
  32. Facebook Remove’ Recent Activity: Adds a simple button beneath your profile image to remove ‘Recent Activities’ (link)
  33. Facebook Autologin v2: Auto-login to Facebook for Greasemonkey 0.5.3, assuming Firefox remembers your password. Updated, more stable version of the original, based on MySpace Auto Login. (link)
  34. Clean Facebook: Removes application messages (FarmVille, MafiaWars, etc.) and system messages from the news stream and advertisement and suggestion boxes from the sidebar. (link)
  35. App Terminator for Facebook: Adds “[BLOCK APP]” link to block apps within the news feed. Automatically blocks quizzes. (link)
  36. Facebook Phonebooks: Phonebooks your friends from the Phonebook list on Facebook, Adds a bulk add a form to capture to a [TAB] delimited list (too many ‘,’ in Facebook to use .CSV). (link)
  37. MobWars Auto Helper(TM) V4.0: it helps and improves the playing experience of the Facebook application MobWars with automatic functions. — Includes Captcha Solver(TM) ( link)
  38. Facebook Secure SSL Connection: Forces Facebook and all links on a Facebook page (include Notifications) to use a secure connection (SSL). Also, change external Facebook’s links into links with https. (link)
  39. Better Facebook: Enhance your Facebook user experience with tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, comment tracking, static header, and more (link)
  40. URL Cleaner: Simply clean your Facebook URLs that don’t take you to a new page. (link)
  41. Taggable: Tag your Facebook friends anywhere on the Web. Let’s get the whole Web indexed by people ( link)
  42. Auto Expand Older Post: Automatically clicks the Facebook Older Posts link to display more wall posts. Also, handles those “See x more posts from” links. Fully configurable and works great with Wall Manager typescripts. (link)
  43. Facebook Deletes: Delete bulk friends on Facebook (link)
  44. Facebook Beautifier: Automatically hide all third party applications from people’s profiles! Only enabling the applications you want to see is simple with the fully integrated features. Cleans mini-feeds and ignores spam application invites. (link)
  45. Facebook Fixer: it enhances your Facebook bigger profile pictures and photos, easier viewing of albums, links to download videos, showing people’s age and sign, Google calendar integration, bookmarks, keyboard shortcuts & more. Fully customizable Greasemonkey Scripts. (link)
  46. EmailSpy: Displays information about the owner of the email address found on Facebook pages. Information includes name, photos, age, sex, address, interests, etc.Retrieves the information from social networks and displays in a new box. (link)
  47. AutoPoke: Automatically pokes back friends listed on your home page. Lukas Fragodt’s Auto-Poke and EZ-Poke inspired it. (link)
  48. Annoying Facebook Message: Inserts a bogus “Private Message” on your victim’s Facebook homepage to taunt them forever! Personalize with various settings. (link)
  49. Farmville Wall Manager: Manages Farmville wall posts; accepts bonuses, grabs bouquets, adopts animals, hatches eggs, and more (link)
  50. Remove Useless Mafia Wars Posts From Your Wall: remove the useless Mafia Wars posts from your Wall. It was looking for specific images from Mafia wars posts, like the “Family Values” posts, and “Nothing Personal” posts, and hides their parent DIV tag from your Wall. (link)


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