Jan 30, 2013
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13 Best Free Linux accounting software

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free and useful Linux accounting software to improve your accuracy in managing your personal as well as business financial accounts. then here is a 13 free and open source Linux financial/accounting software.


if looking for Free Linux accounting software to improve your accuracy in managing your personal as well as business financial accounts. then here is a 13 free and open source Linux accounting software.

Best Free Linux accounting software

Best Free Linux accounting software

  1. Bookyt

    Bookyt is a simple yet powerful Linux accounting software written in Ruby On Rails framework. it’s an double entry bookkeeping system and ERP application that specially designed for small to medium-sized companies. it has customizable accounts that give support for debit and credit invoices, Accounts receivable and accounts payable with bills due reminders etc. – bookyt

  2. CGram Software

    CGram software is an award winning Linux accounting software and ERP solution for small to medium-sized companies. it offered Accounts, Sales, Purchasing, Distribution, Project Analysis, Stock, Production, Servicing, Full UK Payroll, Integrated Reporting, Cost Management and CRM. – CGram Software

  3. XTuple

    XTuple is a Linux accounting software and open source ERP system that included all critical functional areas in one system like sales, accounting, and operations including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution. – xTuple accounting

  4. Postbooks

    Postbooks is a fully featured Linux accounting, ERP and CRM software built on open source QT framework and use open source database like  “PostgreSQL” database. – xTuple PostBooks

  5. PhreeBooks

    PhreeBooks is an open source web-based, multilingual, multi-platform Linux accounting software and ERP system. it written in PHP and use MySQL as database backend. it was specially designed for small business owners to fulfil their accounting and ERP needs. – PhreeBooks

  6. NolaPro

    NolaPro is a cloud based accounting and business management software specially developed for window and Linux operating system. features included core AP, AR, GL and customizable Inventory Management, E-commerce Capability, POS , Order Tracking, Complete Payroll, Timeclock, B2B Web Portal and much more. – nolapro

  7. Moneydance

    Moneydance is a simple yet easy to use multi platform personal financial accounting software for Linux. it offered online banking, online bill payment solution, investment management, budget tracking, scheduled transactions, check printing, detailed reports/graphs and many more. – Moneydance

  8. Locbook

    Locbook is a one and only Linux based petroleum accounting software suite specially designed for petroleum marketers, wholesalers, distributors and convenience store operators. developed with IBM Informix and use relational database management system to make your software more simple, highly flexible and more productive. – LOCbook

  9. KMyMoney

    KMyMoney is a personal finance manager and accounting software for Linux user. it use double entry accounting principle to manage your personal finance systematically and work similar as Quicken accounting software. featured included support for various accounting types, expense categorisation, multiple currencies support, online banking solution via QIF, OFX and HBCI and budgeting system. it also have rich set of reports. – KMyMoney

  10. JGnash

    JGnash is a multi platform java based personal finance application and accounting system . JGnash is also depend on double entry accounting principle and offer support for multiple currencies. User can easily import Gnucash and QIF files into JGnash software. – jGnash

  11. HomeBank

    HomeBank is a free and easy to use personal accounting software for everyone to manage their personal accounts easily. With HomeBank user can easily analyse their financial account in detail by using powerful filtering tools and graphs. it’s an cross-platform accounting software and offer support for more then 50 languages on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X. – HomeBank

  12. Grisbi

    Grisbi is a personal accounting software which run under Linux and Microsoft windows operating system. it main aim to give you the most simple and user-friendly accounting software for basic normal uses where user can manage their multiple accounts, currencies and its Users. it also handle third-party, expenditure and receipt categories as well as budgetary lines. – Grisbi

  13. GnuCash (Linux accounting software)

    GnuCash is a free and easy to use yet powerful and flexible personal and small business accounting software released under GNU GPL license. it help you to track your bank accounts, income, expenses and stocks. – GnuCash

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