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Elementool is project management software, which helps you to manage the projects of work. It’s an web based project management tool where you can easily manage projects online. It also features customer support tools and products for the different applications for the customer.

Elementool project management

You have different products like the issue-tracking tool, which lets you track new bugs and prioritize the reports, work schedules, and you can create notes in your project for the team members and important information. Apart from that, you also get the help desk customer service information, which helps you to use it effectively.

You can also create a help desk activation for your clients and customers who might have viewed your project. Through this help desk, you can get the information and the messages which your clients may leave for you and you can reply them their messages accordingly effectively at ease. This facilitates easy and fluent communication between you and your client. You can also keep effective track of each message and communication between you and your customers.

You can also monitor projects and share project information with other members, along with scheduling tasks and work assignments for the members. You can also review project reports and reviews by the clients through this software tool. With the Elementool project management tool, you can also schedule web mobile reminders for your work and other project urgent aspects.

The application will send you a reminder about the work and urgent aspect in time. The text message will include the reminder and the details you schedule in it. apart from that, you can also create, share and manage documents in the application without any hassle. With Docs, you can manage and share files and documents with friends and colleagues at ease. You can also publish your documents through the internet to the other viewers. The Elementool project management tool effectively lets you do conference meetings and interact with clients and customers face to face. File sharing tool lets you share files and information with the people and viewers without any hassle and get the required information from them.

The Elementool project management tool is useful for creating projects and compile with the different computer application tools. This was founded with 2000 and was developed with newer defined products to get its customers the useful applications needed to develop the computer features. With diverse products for different services related to software application management and added features, the Elementool is a good service.

Features of Elementool

  1. Simple – it is a simple application tool and you need to buy these service products to use them effectively.
  2. Diverse Product Base – you get different products, which are effective for working with in your applications. These products are efficient and give you good service for your computer software application functioning.
  3. Huge Client Base – The Elementool has a broad client base with large number of companies and clients seeking its products and services. Clients ranging from places across the world seek their services due to their good product efficient.

Elementool is an effective project management feature with a wide range of application products effective for your use.

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