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Dotclear is an open source web publishing software which specially designed for weblogs management. The project’s main purpose is to provide a user-friendly tool that allow anyone to publish on the web without knowledge about technical skills.

Dotclear - open-source web publishing software

Dotclear is written in PHP for combining simplicity with well-documented web standards and support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite database backends.

Features of Dotclear

  1. Easy publication : Entries are written in a feature-rich editor allowing the user to add formatting to heir content. A wysiwyg editor is also available and completes a toolbox designed for easy publication, so that you can fully focus on what you are writing.
  2. Fully customizable theme : Highly customizable theme, so user can easily customize the default theme online in every aspect (colors, fonts, header image, etc.) without touching a single line of code. Customizing your site has never been so easy.
  3. User-friendly administration : The administration interface is easy to use and designed with the users in mind, regardless of their levels, without compromising on the functionality.
  4. Flexible template system : Simple template language lets you easily make the changes you need to your site. You can still enable PHP parsing in your templates if you wish to. And editing your templates is made even easier by a dedicated editor directly available in the administration interface.
  5. Media management : User can add any kind of file to the media manager. The media manager will help you find your files when you want to include them in an entry. You can also include music and video from external services (e.g. Youtube, Deezer, etc.), by simply specifying the URL of the page that hosts the media to be included.
  6. Flexible comment system
  7. Built-in antispam : To protect your blog from comment and trackback spam, the standard installation is provided with many filters and you can add more through plugins.
  8. Multi language supported administration interface
  9. Presentation widgets : The navigation elements of your blog can be customized through presentation widgets that you can place where you want them to be displayed, so you have full control on your layout.
  10. Themes and plugins
  11. Tags and categories
  12. Support for several database types
  13. Multiblog : A single Dotclear installation natively allows you to create as many blogs as you like.
  14. Multi-user with permissions
  15. Standard compliant Code
  16. Easy to Import/Export content from your previous blog or from other blog applications.
  17. Search engine Friendly Pages
  18. Support for Atom and RSS feeds syndication
  19. Full Unicode support that allows you to publish texts using other alphabets than typical latin, so you can publish in Japanese, Russian, Arabic, etc. without changing any setting.
  20. XML/RPC Client Support
  21. Extensible
  22. Performance and scalability : Dotclear is fast, regardless of the quantity of data. Dotclear stays fast with thousands of blogs and several hundred thousand comments.
  23. Open source Project released under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Download: Dotclear – web publishing software

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