7 free and Open Source java Groupware Software

Written by On May 7, 2012

7 free and Open Source java Groupware Software,. A Groupware is a software program that allow multiple people to work together on the same project in a simple and more productive way while located remotely from each other.

A Groupware is a software program that allow multiple people to work together on the same project in a simple and more productive way while located remotely from each other.

Each and every user can work together in real time. User can also easily share documents, group calendar, instant messaging and conduct web conference and many more.

if looking for some useful and open source java groupware software, then here is 7 free and open source java groupware software.

  1. Coefficient – java groupware software

    Coefficient is an open source java groupware and project collaboration software based on J2EE platform. it also has workflow engine and many other useful features that help you in your projects through their development cycle. Currently it provide basic collaboration features such as discussion forums, file uploads, news, tasks, and voting as hot deployable modules in a themeable presentation layer. The software coefficient is a free and open source software and it released under GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). – coefficient

  2. DataShare

    DataShare is a network application and java groupware software that use a central server to share data to clients. it written in Java and allow user to send and receive data without using any other clients. DataShare can be useful in collaborative type environment because it has inbuilt collaborative platform or client which know as Rendezvous that allow your user to simultaneously collaborate with multiple user by using chat, paint, desktop sharing, and audio-video conferencing tools. – DataShare

  3. ivata Groupware – Free java groupware suite

    ivata Groupware is a free java based groupware suite and intranet platform that include contacts and private address book, post articles, notes and share documents, comments on another articles and receive notification via email. user can also easily plan meeting and other event via your calendars. – ivata groupware

  4. JETeam – java groupware software

    JETeam is a java groupware software that allow your team members to work together on same projects to improve the quality of project development by using single point of communication. it give you up-to date information about current status of each project and create task that easily assigned to developers. get instant notification when any project status has been updated. – jeteam: Enterprise Teamwork

  5. Lucane Groupware

    Lucane is a free collaboration and groupware software written in Java. it has all necessary tools which required to create perfect collaboration and groupware software such as P2P based instant messaging, file sharing, Multi user chat, forum, personal notes, shared calendar,AudioConf using jspeex , whiteboard, to-do list and IMAP mail client based on JMail etc.. – Lucane Groupware

  6. hipergate – java based CRM and groupware software

    hIpergate is a free and open source java based CRM and Groupware software that include various types of tools and services such as sales automation, customer service, intranet, email marketing, content management, bug tracker, project manager, social networks integration, webmail, calendar, forums and file sharing services. Hipergate provide support for all major database backend such as PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server. – hipergate java CRM and groupware

  7. LibreSource

    LibreSource is an open source, highly customizable, modular collaborative development platform for web portals, groupware, e-archiving and Web publishing. The platform is written in Java and provide all the necessary tools to share and communicate within your project teams under one centralize place. it reduced project cost and improve the coordination between projects and team members. – LibreSource

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