Jun 29, 2012
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25 useful iPad apps for Business management

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iPad apps for Business. iPad is changing the way companies do business. it makes it easy to deliver stunning presentations, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and provide easy access to important business documents wherever you are.


25 useful iPad apps for Business management

iPad is changing the way companies do business. it makes it easy to deliver stunning presentations, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and provide easy access to important business documents whenever and wherever your work takes you. To learn how iPad can help you to build your business. Here is 25 useful iPad apps for Business management.

ipad apps for business

  1. GoDocs

    GoDocs is a iPad apps for business that allow you to view, edit and read all your Google Docs documents and spreadsheet on-the-go. The Apps is specially design for Google Docs. User can easily download any Google Docs document or spreadsheet for offline use. you can also share your document, spreadsheet or PDF pages with your friendly and co-workers. Also provide support for multiple Google Docs accounts. Visit : GoDocs for iPad

  2. Analytics HD

    Analytics HD is a iPad apps for Google Analytics that allow you to mobile access to all your Google Analytics data directly from iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It give you quick and easy access to all your analytics data, whether you are busy in meeting, on the road, or sitting on the throne. provide Supports for Multiple Google Analytics Accounts and easy to change login anytime. Visit : Analytics HD for iPad

  3. Air Sharing HD

    Air Sharing HD is file sharing apps for iPad which help you to view and move files wirelessly. With Air Sharing HD, user can view all there files and documents from Drop box, MobileMe iDisk, Box.net, FTP, WebDAV, mail servers, SSH and also search PDFs, image slide shows, bookmarks and more. Even easy to print your files directly from your iPhone, iPad . No special software needed. Visit : Air Sharing HD for iPad

  4. iMeetingPad

    iMeetingPad replaces the standard notepad you used to bring to meetings before the iPad coming. it also help you in your sketching with basic drawing tool and a collection of clip-art images to drop in.Visit : iMeetingPad

  5. OmniGraphSketcher

    Use OmniGraphSketcher for iPad to make elegant and precise graphs in seconds, whether you have specific data to report or a concept to explain. it’s a best iPad apps for business that help you to create lines and data points, draw curves, and shade in important areas as easily as though you were using a basic drawing program. visit : OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

  6. Numbers

    Numbers is specially designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes – with tables, charts, photos, and graphics using just your fingers. it has 250 easy-to-use functions to create impressive tables and charts, then move them around the flexible canvas. visit : Numbers for iPad

  7. iThoughtsHD

    IThoughtsHD is a mind mapping apps for iPad, Based on the award winning iThoughts for iPhone, iThoughtsHD has been designed specifically for the iPad. you can import and export mind maps to and from many of the most popular desktop mind map applications such as Freemind, Freeplane, XMind, Novamind, MindManager, MindView, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, MindGenius and iMindmap. Visit : iThoughtsHD for iPad

  8. Layers for iPad

    Layers for iPad offers a balanced set of painting tools completely redesigned for the iPad’s large, crisp display. With high-quality brushes, an eyedropper, a smudge tool and an eraser, Layers provides the tools you need to create great art. Visit : Layers for iPad

  9. SketchyPad

    SketchyPad make designers, programmers, interface designers life more easier, it has Easy-to-use interface and a lot of various stencils will help you to mockup any web sites and apps interfaces. visit : SketchyPad

  10. Fuze Meeting HD for iPad

    Fuze Meeting HD for iPad make it easy to run online meetings from your iPad in minutes. user can use Fuze Meeting HD free account which include online meetings and audio conferencing without using any credit card. Start/schedule meetings and invite attendees directly from your iPad address book and start a multi-party HD video conference right from the iPad. visit : Fuze Meeting HD for ipad

  11. Office² HD

    Office² HD, the most intuitive and straightforward office document tool available on the iPad, makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS), and now PowerPoint (PPT) files right from your iPad. Visit : Office² HD for iPad

  12. Citrix Receiver for iPad

    Citrix Receiver for iPad makes it easy to take the virtual office on the go. One simple touch gives you secure access to all your corporate Windows applications, virtual desktops or document, making it easy to work from anywhere, while still enjoying the great user experience they bought an iPad for in the first place. easy to create documents, View business dashboards. Approve expenses. Even host an online meeting in real time. Visit : Citrix Receiver

  13. MobileIron Sentry

    MobileIron Sentry is a iPad-Enabled Device Management apps which seamlessly uses the iPad to provide IT with visibility and control to protect the enterprise perimeter. The simple, elegant interface was designed from the ground up to make full use of the iPad’s large screen to inventory users and devices with a multi-touch interface. Visit : MobileIron Sentry

  14. Roambi for iPad

    Roambi for iPad is a mobile business intelligence solution that help you to tap, turn and swipe to analyze your company’s latest information and transform them into secure, interactive mobile dashboards that give you convenient, up-to-the-minute information, and provide the insight you need for on-the-go analysis, impromptu presentations and smart decision making – keeping you connected to your business, anytime and anywhere. Visit : Roambi Visualizer for iPad

  15. LogMeIn Ignition for iPad

    LogMeIn Ignition allow you to remotely access your computers from your iPad or iPhone at anytime from anywhere and manage your files on the go. Easily access your computer applications as if they were on your iPad, and view or manage files directly from your iPad/iPhone. Visit : LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone / iPad

  16. Fax Print & Share for iPad

    Fax Print & Share for iPad is a comprehensive suite productivity applications focused on document handling. Consisting of multiple compatible and interwoven modules, Fax Print & Share enables direct printing, faxing, emailing, document storage, viewing, sharing, and more. Printing does not require installation of any companion software on your PC. Faxing does not require a subscription or signup. Fax Print & Share also enables users to print online. Visit : Fax Print & Share for iPad

  17. FMTouch

    FMTouch enables you to deploy FileMaker locally on your iPhone or iPod Touch and sync via Wi-Fi, locally on your desktop or via FileMaker Server. visit : FMTouch for iPad

  18. Pages

    Pages is a word processing apps for iPad which make it easy to create good looking letters, reports, flyers, invitations, and more on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Visit : Pages for iPad

  19. Keynote

    Keynote is a presentation apps for ipad. create a beautiful presentation in minute, Easy-to-use tools let you add elements such as tables, charts, media, and shapes to your slides. Add a table with a click. Just as easily add a 3D chart that you can animate. With the Media Browser, you can drag and drop photos from your iPhoto or Aperture libraries, movies from your Movies folder, and music from your iTunes library. visit : Keynote for iPad

  20. GoodReader for iPad

    GoodReader for iPad is a simple, easy to use PDF reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. User can easily read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. GoodReader not only supports massive PDF and TXT files, but also handles the most popular file types such as MS Office – .doc, .ppt., .xls, iWork ’08/’09, HTML and Safari web archives, High resolution images, Even audio and video. Visit : GoodReader for iPad

  21. SharePlus Office Mobile Client

    SharePlus Office Mobile Client allow you to Sync your favorite SharePoint lists and libraries automatically and take them with you in your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Work with them on the go, and sync back to SharePoint when online. visit : SharePlus Office Mobile Client

  22. BoardVantage

    BoardVantage is a leading secure board portal for boards of directors. it combines rich social media with enterprise-caliber business tools to provide unprecedented visibility for directors and productivity for administrators. Visit : BoardVantage

  23. 1Password for iPad

    1Password for iPad is a Security vault for iPad that help you to store passwords, credit cards, sensitive documents, and more, and make it all available at the flick of your finger. Everything is protected with the last password you need to remember. Visit : 1Password for iPad

  24. OmniGraffle

    OmniGraffle for iPad is a simple diagramming apps for iPad, which use simple gestures to draw shapes, create objects, and style it all until it’s just right. you can share your creations via PDF format or save for OmniGraffle for Mac. Visit : OmniGraffle for iPad

  25. Bento for iPad

    Bento for iPad give you opportunity to organize contacts, track projects, plan events directly from all in one easy to use iPad personal database that you can use as standalone or synchronize with Bento 4 for Mac. it has 25 pre designed templates that are ready to use at work, home, school, and in your community. Easily customize them to organize virtually any type of information you have. Visit : Bento for iPad

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