Jun 4, 2011
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25 useful Bug and issue tracking software

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issue-tracking software is also know as Trouble ticket system. A software program that allow you to maintain and manage every problem or “issue” that user identifies until the problem is resolved.


issue-tracking software is also know as Trouble ticket system. A software program that allow you to maintain and manage every problem or "issue" that user identifies until the problem is resolved. Basically it’s an Support ticket system where user can create, update, and resolve customer issues, or even issues reported by employees. So if you searching for good, useful issue and Bug tracking software then here is your Answer.

  1. Assembla Tickets

    Assembla tickets is a simple, easy to use ticketing or issue management system that allow you to create customized ticket spaces for your clients to interact with them. it has web based Web 2.0 style user interface that fulfilled the all your organization needs. Customize it for your desired workflow and fine-tune the configuration as needed. The Ticket Tool is automatically integrated with Assembla’s code management and collaboration tools allowing you to work more efficiently.

    Download : Assembla Tickets

  2. Bontq Online issue tracking system

    Bontq is a online issue tracking and cloud-hosted project management system that allow you to easily manage your projects, track Bugs, add tasks and store documentation secularly. integrated Desktop Client help you to capture screenshots and record videos to show everything in details.

    Download : Bontq cloud-hosted Issue tracking system

  3. Bugzilla bug tracking system

    Bugzilla is a bug tracking system specially used by the Mozilla Projects. it allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. With Bugzilla, developer can Track bugs and code changes, easily communicate with other developer, Submit and review Patches and Manage quality assurance (QA). It’s an powerful tool that will help your team get organized and communicate effectively.

    Download : Bugzilla bug tracking system

  4. FIT Issue Management

    FIT Issue Management software is a enterprise grade issue tracking and management solution for all types of businesses and organizations. it give you real time updates about all management issues and their key performance metrics , So user can make effective management decisions. It’s an web based issue tracking software, which means user can easily track and manage issues from anywhere at any time.

    Download : FIT Tracking Solutions

  5. Flyspray

    Flyspray is a easy to use, web based platform-independent Bug and request tracking software for assisting with software development. it written in PHP and provide support for Multiple databases such as MySQL and PGSQL etc..

    Download : Flyspray

  6. FogBugz Bug Tracking

    FogBugz is the world’s easiest hosted bug tracking software that allow you to manage, filter, sort and navigate a tree-structure of tasks, that contain information, tags and attached files related to a particular issue. Discussion forums and wikis may be created around any topic and posts/pages may be added into the same. you can also integrate your email accounts into the system to send/receive email and create issues regarding the same.

    Download : FogBugz Bug Tracking

  7. Gemini Bug and Issue Tracking software

    Gemini is a web based issue and bug tracking software based on Microsoft’s .NET framework. it written in C#, ASP.Net,and use Microsoft SQL Server as database server. User can easily Integrate Gemini Bug Tracking software with Visual Studio, Outlook, Subversion (SVN) and Windows Live Messenger.

    Download : Gemini Issue and Bug tracking software


    GNATS is a free bug tracking software released under GNU General Public License. it’s an set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to the Main site. it has a problem report management and communication feature that allow you to communicate with user via various Means. When user submit there information about problem reports, all the information about problem reports stored in its databases and provides tools for querying, editing, and maintenance of the databases.

    Download : GNU GNATS

  9. IssueNet – Issue management software

    IssueNet is a Issue management software that provide an extensible framework to track and manage issues within or across different business units. As every department faces issues in a variety of shapes and forms, that why it has various pre-built software solutions; such as help desk ticketing, IT change management, software defect tracking, and organizational problem tracking. each software developed collaboratively with customers to maximize effectiveness.

    Download : IssueNet

  10. JIRA – Issue and project tracking software

    JIRA is a Issue and project tracking software specially designed for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. it has simple, clean and fast User Interface for capturing and organizing issues with customizable workflows, Open Social dashboards and a pluggable integration framework, JIRA is the perfect fit at the center of your development team.

    Download : JIRA Issue and tracking software

  11. BugTracker.NET

    BugTracker.NET is a free, web based, open source bug and customer support issue tracking software written in ASP.NET, C# and Microsoft SQL server. it is easy to use and easy to install and also highly configurable, so user can use as simple bug tracking system for a small team or configure it with a workflow, permissions for a larger organization.

    Download : BugTracker.NET

  12. MantisBT

    MantisBT is a free, web based bug tracking software written in PHP and provide support for Multiple database backend such as MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. it was specially designed to track software defects. However, MantisBT is often configured by users to serve as a more generic issue tracking system and project management tool.

    Download : MantisBT

  13. OnTime Bug Tracking software

    OnTime Bug Tracking software help you to Track every bug, issue and defect and make sure resolved them easily. it will create automatic notifications and alerts when user assigned them bug, issue, or defect.

    Download : OnTime Bug Tracking

  14. Projistics Bug Tracker

    Projistics Bug Tracker helps you get rid of all your quality worries by giving you the power to control quality at your fingertips. it has simple, Intuitive User Interface that make it easy to navigate and requires no training, which means that your QAs spend their precious time in doing just what they are supposed to do – testing and not documentation.

    Download : Projistics BugTracker

  15. Request Tracker

    Request Tracker is a Issue tracking software specially use for bug tracking, help desk ticketing, customer service, workflow processes, change management, network operations, youth counseling and many more.

    Download : Request Tracker

  16. Roundup Issue Tracker

    Roundup is a easy to use and simple to install issue tracking and Bug tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. the software is written in Python and it is highly customizable.

    Download : Roundup Issue Tracker

  17. Supportworks

    Supportworks is a issue tracking software that help you to solve your issue related helpdesk and Information technology (IT) Environments.

    Download : Supportworks

  18. Argus Issue Tracking

    Argus is an issue tracking system that bridges developers with their users. It was specially developed to be simple as well as easy to use for non-technical users while still being powerful enough for developers to manage issues for all of their applications.

    Download : Argus Issue Tracking System

  19. CoLab – Issue Tracking System

    Colab is a issue tracking software which is easy to handle. Trying to provide Jira features without any drawback of this system including being not really OS. Main Features: – Easy deployment – User convenience in mind – and more, but text area too short .

    Download : CoLab – Issue Tracking System

  20. Track+ – Web-Based Project and Issue Tracking

    Track+ is a highly configurable web-based project and issue tracking software that help you to manage tasks, issues, and risks. it integrated with Subversion and Git, and provide continuous supports build processes via Maven and Hudson.

    Download : Track+ Web-Based Project and Issue Tracking

  21. WebIssues

    WebIssues is an open source, multiplatform issue tracking and team collaboration tool that allow you to store and track issues with various attributes, comments and file attachments. it written in PHP and use multiple database backend such as  MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird or SQL Server.

    Download : WebIssues

  22. BugNET

    BugNET is an issue tracking and project issue management solution built using C# and ASP.NET . The main goals are to keep the codebase simple, well documented, easy to deploy and scalable. Email notifications, reporting and per project configuration of fields and values allows efficient management of bugs, feature requests, and other issues for projects of any scale.

    Download : BugNET

  23. JTrac – Open source issue-tracking software

    JTrac is an highly customizable, Open source issue-tracking software that can be easily customized by adding custom fields and drop-downs. Features include customizable workflow, field level permissions, e-mail integration, file attachments and a detailed history view.

    Download : JTrac issue-tracking web-application

  24. itracker

    itracker is a truly open source issue tracking system licensed under the LGPL license. written in Java enterprise technology. it’s an highly professional, easy to use, open, easy to integrate, fast, modular, customizable and scalable solution for all kind of projects.

    Download : itracker open source issue tracking system

  25. YouTrack keyboard-centric issue and bug tracker

    YouTrack is a web-based, keyboard-centric issue and bug tracker. Manipulate issues with just two simple controls and enjoy lightning-fast bug tracking and bug reporting!

    Download : YouTrack

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