10 Best Free Linux File Managers

Written by On Jan 31, 2013

10 Best Free Linux File Managers. A file manager is a computer program that provide simple yet easy to use user interface to organize your files on a hard drive or any other storage devices.

A file manager is a computer program that provide simple yet easy to use user interface to organize your files on a hard drive or any other storage devices. File manager is a mainly use for create, open, edit, view, print, play, rename, move, copy, delete, search/find, and modify file attributes, properties and file permissions.

File manager organize all your files in hierarchy and offer some basic features which totally inspired from web browser like forward and back navigational buttons also some file manager work as FTP clients, they offer network connectivity via protocols, so user can easily access their server files system and uses them as local file systems.

Here is basic features offered by file managers like Network connectivity via protocols, Directory Sync, archive handling, advanced searching, shortcuts, file/folder comparisons, checksums, plugins, and more, making them an incredibly powerful tool.

To give you a complete information about file manager based on Linux platform without compromise the quality of software, we have compiled a list of 14 high quality free Linux file managers. Hopefully, they will very helpful for you to manage your files more strongly and easily.

  1. Dolphin file manager

    Dolphin 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Dolphin is a simple Linux file manager which mainly focus on usability. it offer all functionality which you expect form any other file manager such as browse, open, locate, copy and move files. Dolphin file manager is a default file manager for KDE. features included Simple sidebar, Supports dockable panels for places, information, folders and a terminal, Breadcrumb Navigation bar for URLs to navigate files quickly through the file hierarchy, Split of views and tabs are supported, File content previews etc.. – Dolphin file manager

  2. emelFM2 file manager for Linux

    emelFM2 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    emelFM2 is a Unix/Linux based file manager that uses a simple yet efficient interface pioneered by Norton Commander. it’s an three panes based file manager where two of those panes show the contents of selected file system directories and third one show the output of commands executed within the program. All 3 panes are easily resizable and user can hide and unhide any two or one of them as per your requirement. – emelFM2

  3. Endeavour Mark II Linux file manager

    Endeavour Mark II 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Endeavour Mark II is a fully featured file management solution that offer File Browser, Image Browser, Recycled Objects system, Archiver, together with a set of file & disk management utility programs. it has intuitive user interface which easily manage by mouse or keyboards. image viewer give you all basic features such as thumbnail preview, image rotation and zooming. – Endeavour Mark II

  4. GNOME Commander dual pane file manager

    GNOME Commander 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    GNOME Commander is a powerful dual pane file manager for GNOME desktop environment. it main aim to fulfill the demands of more advanced users who like to focus on file management, their work through special applications and running smart commands. – GNOME Commander

  5. Konqueror Linux file manager

    Konqueror 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Konqueror is a one of the best and most advanced file managers for KDE. it offer all basic features of file manager from simple cut/copy and paste operations to advanced remote and local network file browsing. – Konqueror

  6. Krusader Dual pane Linux file manager

    Krusader 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Krusader is a advanced dual panel file manager for KDE desktop that work similar to GNOME Commander or Midnight Commander (Linux), or Total Commander (Windows). it provide support for extensive archive handling, mounted file system support, FTP, advanced search, viewer/editor, directory synchronization, file content comparisons, batch renaming, etc.. – Krusader Linux file manager

  7. Midnight Commander orthodox file manager for Linux

    Midnight Commander 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    GNU Midnight Commander is a free orthodox file manager for Linux that offer user friendly yet powerful text mode based user interface and visual shell that mainly designed for novice user to advanced users. The main user interface of Midnight Commander is divided into two panels which display the file system. File selection is done using arrow keys, the insert key is used to select files and the Function Keys perform operations such as renaming, editing and copying files. – Midnight Commander Linux file manager

  8. Nautilus

    Nautilus 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Nautilus is a free and open source file manager for GNOME Desktop that allow you to manage your files and folders in your file system.  – Nautilus Linux file manager

  9. PCMan File Manager

    PCMan File Manager 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    PCMan File Manager is a extremely fast, lightweight yet fully featured file manager with Tabbed browsing functionality similar to Firefox Tab. it’s perfect alternative file manager for Nautilus, Konqueror and Thunar. – PCMan File Manager for Linux

  10. Thunar

    Thunar 10 Best Free Linux File Managers

    Thunar is an easy to use, Modern yet fast operating file manager for Xfce Desktop environment. it has simple, clean yet intuitive user interface make file browsing so simple, fast and more responsive with a good start up time and directory load time.  – Thunar Linux file manager

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