Daily Deeds- task cum habit manager for iPhone

As the name suggests, Daily Deeds by Spoon Juice is a task cum habit management application that motivates the user to perform daily chores. It helps to manage the work which is performed daily in a fun way yet simple to use. Keep a track of your day-to-day task and simply tick off them as you complete.

Daily Deeds

Daily Deeds is a task cum habit manager that helps in performing daily tasks with great ease. This simple yet interesting application also motivates the user and keeps him/her focused in life. The add button helps in adding habits in the list, while the tick button ticks off the accomplished task.

The user can also add habits and mark with color if they want to. The user can also review the accomplished task of past six days and can supervise his/her performance. There is a drop box option that shows the daily chore’s list. Once customized, it will not prompt for the daily tasks.

The interface is simple and based on click, drag n drop functions. With this application, you can ease your mind from remembering the daily chores and not down them in this application. Moreover, the user can share his/her daily tasks via web. To do that, he/she can create PDF report documents and can send them to his/her group using his/her e-mail account.

Features of Daily Needs

  1. Keeps a track of your daily chores – Daily Deeds is an application cum task manager which motivates and focuses the user to perform daily chores.
  2. Tick off accomplished tasks – The user can simply tick off the tasks done in this application.
  3. Review your past performance – The user can easily view and keep a track of the performance of past six days and can easily review his/her performance.
  4. A simple, click, drag and drop application – Daily Deeds is a simple, click, drag and drop application where the users can simply add, delete or edit tasks by just clicking.
  5. Simple and smart interface – The application is quite favored among the users due to its simple and smart interface that integrates all the tools well so that the user finds it (the application) easy to handle.
  6. Badging the non-accomplished tasks – The badging feature helps in marking non-accomplished tasks of the user
  7. Less in More – The application is based on the idea of less is more, where the simple functions are made to perform important jobs
  8. Synchronize online – The user can simply synchronize to do lists and daily tasks online using ‘Finalize web update’ button
  9. Calendar view – The user gets a Calendar view of the tasks marked and can easily keep a track of the track date, month and year-wise.
  10. Drop box prompt – There is an option in this application where a drop box prompt notifies the user about a particular task or day-wise tasks. Once cancelled, the drop box option no more prompts for the tasks.

Daily needs task cum habit manager is an easy to use application which helps the user in managing his/her daily habits. The application is based on less is more and is simple to use than its contemporaries.

Download : DailyDeeds task cum habit manager for iPhone

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