Crowd Fusion – web publishing made simple for Topic based Websites

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Crowd Fusion is a collaborative web publishing platform or you can say open source content management system that widely used by brands to collaborate with team on innovative genuine content, combined content and topic data.

Crowd Fusion - web publishing made simple for Topic based Websites

The collaborative web publishing platform combines various useful and popular applications such as blogging tool, Wikis, Tagging and workflow management into open source CMS.

it also has a powerful interpretation engine that controls custom-made, appealing mobile applications along with conventional websites in a cloud-ready manner.

Crowd Fusion has been launched as a top-notch publishing podium for media agencies and trademarks. The cloud-hosted CMS of Crowd Fusion simplifies collaboration of large groups on creative content, original aggregated content and subject pages.

Crowd Fusion was developed in 2007 and it collected $3 million from Velocity Interactive Group, Greycroft Partners and Marc Andreessen in the month of July in 2008.

Crowd Fusion is the official content management system of the first industrial national daily news bulletin publication “The Daily” available exclusively on your iPad.

The editorial and creation staff members of this newspaper accept Crowd Fusion as an integral part of their subsequent generation of digital news section.

Crowd Fusion not only supports development and maintenance of infrastructure of the high-end media content included in “The Daily”, it also manages its official website.

It also supports the new subscription representation of Apple as an integrated endeavor attachment.

Features of Crowd Fusion

Crowd Fusion is a content management system that helps your all types of content to be well organized and rich in quality. Its features include:

  1. It’s a cloud based content manager that accelerates and brightens up your editorial and productive skills to a large extent.
  2. Crowd Fusion has the unique ability to scale for traffic as well as managing huge quantity of content. At the same time it provides the finest grouping of an authoritative framework with a vigorous content organization structure.
  3. Crowd Fusion has launched an open source version of its earlier version and this new version has been built keeping in mind the enhancement of the streamlined and revamped most of the code for overall development and monitoring flexibility. New additions through plugins, inclusion of new controls, event molds etc. are being made in this new version of Crowd Fusion 2.0.
  4. Crowd Fusion beta is on its way to be released for a better and faster enterprising methods. It works basically on feedbacks from general users and Crowd Fusion is continuously working on its beta form to make it full proof and devoid of any bug issues. Though it is taking time to be finally launched but the technical team is at constant action to present to you with nothing but the best.
  5. With Crowd Fusion you can develop your activities in the publishing platform. For this you will need to get registered for the beta version of Crowd Fusion.
  6. Crowd Fusion along with its content support offers blog options for web users as well. Thus it is being expected to become a frontrunner in content management for media companies.

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