CopyWrite – Project management for writers

CopyWrite is lightweight, simple, and free from anxiety but contains certain complexities that often hamper the creative writing process.

There are several apps for writers who want to try out several things: management of time lines, enable rich graphics and text notes, track submissions, or fine tuning of the output in the exactly right Microsoft Word format that is desired by the publisher.

CopyWrite - Project management for writers

None of the above stated functions are performed by CopyWrite instead it helps in the plain and simple and organized text generation. The export capability of CopyWrite is very limited and it is the duty of the user to cast the final product into the format desired by the user.

CopyWrite is neither a word processor nor a notepad application that performs the tasks of text edition. It provides an easy way of writing. The various contents of a CopyWrite include the various versions of a document, a document’s notes or the details of a project.

The unique feature of CopyWrite is its interface that helps you to store information which is required in the front-and-center and hides those parts that are unimportant.

The project browser can be used for browsing, organizing as well as for the easy management of the documents that are essential for your project. The filtering as well as its search controls enables you find the things required by you instantly.

You can enter the Type of the string required by you in the search string and CopyWrite will instantly list all the related and matching documents while filtering the rest.

The controls of the category filter can be used to click on a category and only those documents that are related to that category will appear.

You can easily make a fine combination of the two with just a few mere clicks and by pressing some keys and all the chapters named as “Bob” are presented before you.

It is done quite easily and instantly. It pretty plain and simple and it relates to the creation of texts while just paying a little heed to the format.

While using CopyWrite you are provided with two choices where you can easily switch between the two windows – your ongoing chapter and its corresponding notes.

The Drawer of the CopyWrite’s Notes contains the notes for each and every individual document. You can simultaneously open both your document as well as the Notes Drawer and you will find all your documents are safely stored there.

Features of CopyWrite

  1. Tabbed view of document types
  2. Side drawer for notes
  3. Extensive document info window
  4. Global search and replace
  5. Full screen writing mode
  6. Version control
  7. Tracks writing goal with project statistics
  8. Automatic Project backup

CopyWrite 2.1.1 is a very flexible organizer and editor and its price is also reasonable. The users who work on multiple documents are strictly recommended to use this tool.

Here the content of document gets a higher priority over the presentation.

Download : CopyWrite


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