Conceptboard – Real-time teamwork and virtual work space

Conceptboard is software for the real-time project that is used for feedback, brainstorming, real time meeting and document reviews. Documents as well as drafts can be reviewed jointly through the use of Conceptboard via a browser instead of sending them via e-mail.

Conceptboard Realtime teamwork

For the purpose of review a huge open space that digital is provided by the Conceptboard that is known as the Board. The Board contains several documents, addition of comments is also permitted, and all the users are free to sketch and scribble at their own will.

Users work live on the boards. A real-time environment is provided to everybody in whom they are able to see all the changes. Comment based tasks are created, which compels the project team to work on that.

During the start of a presentation all eyes of the participants are focused on the screen area of the user. Intra-collaboration within the team also takes place internally, but the guests who do not have any user account are also free to participate on the Board.

Private individuals freely use the board; while certain teams and companies rent Conceptboard by paying a monthly fee due to its extended functionality.

Features of Conceptboard

Space for real-time teamwork

  1. Simple and Easy : Conceptboard provides a great working space for your documents, ideas and pictures. The online collaboration is very easy to do here and it is also very appealing and intuitive. A freehand drawing is possible here or you can also select anyone for the particular sketching tools.
  2. Used your Own Files : Drafts, concepts, pictures and documents- You are just required to drag the files of your own onto the board from your computer.
  3. Work directly on your Document : The editing of your documents can be done in such a way assuming them to be printed. You can underline, highlight or do any other task with just a mere click.
  4. Provide support for iPad File Format : Conceptboard supports various file formats. No conversion or specific office software necessary. It even works on the iPad.
  5. Getting Thing done (GTD) on iPad : Conceptboard can be used through an iPad. There is absolutely no requirement to download any other app for using this Conceptboard; it can be worked with just through a browser. You can even do the work by sitting at home!
  6. Take Screenshot : Screenshots are easily achieved using this tool. Not only the websites are captured even the windows are also captured.
  7. Easy to add comments : Ideas, opinions, comments and thoughts can be directly added onto the object of your discussion. Even feedbacks are easily sent and received using this tool.
  8. Simple to add Participants and friends : Teamwork is a very important concept of the Conceptboard. Co-workers are invited via their email or a link can just be shared onto your board itself.
  9. Real time work with your Team : make decisions, discuss draft and produce result. Work cooperatively on your boards in real-time. All actions are immediately visible to all participants.
  10. start your Ad-hoc presentation and participants follow your screen area and even see your cursor.
  11. User can invite anyone ( clients and contractors) to join your board without opening new account.
  12. Organize your board, manage your content, team and all permission. Create folders and set email alerts for updates.

Conceptboard provides a Board in which you are free to share your pictures, documents, ideas and several other things as per your liking with the people with whom you like to share. Thus, it is really of great use to several people who are using it.

Download : Conceptboard


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