Co-op – web-based time-tracking tool with Agenda

Co-op is a simple software that lets you stay connected with your co-workers anytime from anywhere. You can interact with your colleagues, make queries, share information, track time and post update agendas using Co-op. Working with Co-op is extremely easy and does not require you to go through complicated sets of instructions. Co-op is the right software for discussing your work priorities and sharing them instantly.

Co-op time-tracking tool

With Co-op you can discuss and share your ideas about your current agendas. You can interact with your co-workers without disturbing them. You can post updates, share links, track time and solve problems together. You can set your daily agendas and share them in a swift manner. You can also view agendas set by your co-workers. With status updates from each member Co-op automatically records them and also refer to them at the end of the day to check the progress each member of your team has made.

Co-op keeps every member on the same page to facilitate viewing of their updates. The workstream displays these updates and time entries from every worker. This works as a logbook to keep track of what is been achieved every day. The workstream also acts a watercooler to connect everyone. There are individual timers to assist you in time-tracking during every task that you perform. A space is dedicated for displaying a list of jobs that are to be accomplished on the current day. The Team Status space hosts updates from every member of the team. You can sign up for Co-op services for free of cost.

Features of Co-op

  1. Co-op is easy to use, simple software that allows time tracking with only a single mouse click.
  2. Co-op is easy to access wherever you may be. You can avail the services from Co-op using your web browser, desktop, mobile phone, Mac or your desktop widget. You can also do time tracking from Twitter, Gmail or other application like Zendesk.
  3. You do not need to install any software on your computer to start using Co-op. Co-op does not run the risk of slowing down your system or eat up your diskspace.
  4. You can use start and stop timers with single mouse clicks and enter your time on the weekly timesheet that keeps a track of the time you had devoted to your work.
  5. You can send reminders to your staffs, modify staff permission to suit the needs of your project.
  6. Co-op is compatible Mac Dashboard, Windows 7 and Vista and even Yahoo Widgets.
  7. There is consistent invoice integration which automatically includes project hours and expenses. This makes billing quick and easy.
  8. You can verify how your business is allotting time to your projects and employees. You can export these reports to CSV, Excel, Google Spreadsheets etc…

Co-op provides the perfect time tracking solution for your business. It makes your work efficient and lets you breathe easy. Co-op ensures satisfaction from its users.

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