Cliqcliq – Easy-to-use color picker for iPhone to discover, convert, and manage colors and palettes

Cliqcliq colors application is a user friendly color chooser to obtain, discover and manage color schemes and the color palettes for your iPhone. Discover you inner creativity by being a color chooser and using Cliqcliq color application.

Cliqcliq color pickers

The user needs not to have a prior knowledge of web designing or languages like CSS or HTML to use this application. Simply tapping a button and choosing your color scheme from any image or by simply browsing through the available color schemes from your iPhone can do.

Choosing colors and designing a color scheme for your iPhone can be fun while you use Cliqcliq color application. Just a tap of a button can bring out a unique color scheme for your favorite iPhone. While you open the application, you will get a list of color palettes. You can apply from those color palettes or can even browse through the colors available and create your won palette. You can connect via Web and check the other color scheme applied by the user or can share your color palette within your close friends, community and relatives.You can store the color schemes in my colors folder. Tag your color schemes with various names and access them accordingly.

Features of Cliqcliq

  1. User friendly- the application is quite user friendly and with a tap of button you can access the colors palettes available or can even customize them.
  2. Customize your color palette- you can easily customize your color palette by choosing the color schemes from any image or can create a color scheme using given colors. Each palette consists of twelve colors and you can easily change the combination of colors to create the colors palette you want.
  3. Get the exact color you want- As a user you can easily mix the colors to get the exact shade you want for your color palette.
  4. Share your color scheme online- You can create your color scheme, save it in a folder and can share it online with your friends and community.
  5. Plenty of tools and features- There plenty of tools and features for the users so that they can easily create a color palette for their iPhone or can choose from the given set of color schemes and can decorate it.
  6. Copy colors from your favorite images- You can copy several colors from your favorite photograph and apply it as a color scheme to your iPhone.
  7. Can create gray scale palettes- The application can create even gray scale palettes using custom or user defined color schemes.
  8. Color can be sent in different formats- The colors or the color schemes can be sent as Illustrator, BMP, Photoshop, Text, CSV file.

This colorful application is targeted towards the impulsive iPhone users who want to use their creative availability and want to make their iPhone more stylish and chic. Cilqcliq colors application is unique way to play with colors and create a color scheme which very different from other users.

Download : cliqcliq


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