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ClientSpot provides a service that is totally web-based and is specifically designed for virtual professionals, small businesses and freelancers where even the remote teams can freely provide collaboration on projects.

ClientSpot project management

ClientSpot enables all the interactions between the team and the clients. Not only that it also enables task and project management, time tracking, calendaring and file sharing.

Since 2004 Extreme Planner Software has been the company that has continued to provide support to the ClientSpot. The main task of this software is to make virtual work much more easy and smooth.

  1. Task deadlines and projects are shown by mini-calendars.
  2. Latest discussions are kept up to dated to you.
  3. Active tasks are tracked across projects
  4. Customize logos and colors so that it matches your brand
  5. Search function is used to find everything very quickly and efficiently.

Features of ClientSpot

  1. Projects Summary View :
    • Task status in details or quick summary can be seen by you across each and every project.
    • The current status can be kept track of including the features which person is performing which task.
    • Clients can track projects, due date sorting, project or owner.
    • Automated budget tracking and time enables you to stay under the budget.
  2. Files, Tasks and Comments :
    • Access of your project can be restricted to certain team members and specific clients.
    • Team members can be assigned various tasks along-with their due dates
    • Revise, create, and share files and documents online
    • Comments can added on several project issues.
    • Common tasks and projects can be reused as templates
    • Task estimates can be laid down and the time spent on each task can also be evaluated
    • Any update on project will be notified to you and you can even post your reply by email to several comments you get.
  3. Task Timer for Time Tracking and Entry of Direct Time :
    • Time can be tracked easily using convenient ways of two types.
    • Time can be tracked automatically by you as per the work done by using the built-in timer
    • With just one click assigned tasks can be switched.
  4. Report for time tracking :
    • Team members, clients can report time for any period of time.
    • Time reports can be printed for billing monthly.
    • Makes invoicing billing more easily with increased reliability.
  5. Databases :
    • Contacts, leads can be tracked by creating custom lists.
    • Spreadsheets can be used for importing
    • Everything can be kept within the reach by means of saved searches
    • Usability is possible in other soft wares by means exporting to Excel
  6. Calendar :
    • Items which can be viewed by all the team members should be permitted limited views.
    • Task deadlines and projects can be shared.
    • Subscribe to project dates from Outlook and Google Calendar
  7. Email Integration – Reminders, Notifications and Dropboxes :
    • Easily Get notified of project updates which configurable by company
    • Send tasks and comments to a project dropbox by email
    • When Task due, send automatically reminder to assigned person.
    • Reply to comments by email – without logging in

Due to all these reasons ClientSpot online project management is highly in use now-a-days. So it’s becoming popularity day by day and its usage is also increasing at a hasty speed.

Download : ClientSpot

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