Chyrp – ultra-lightweight PHP/MySQL based microblogging engine

Chyrp is an application built for blogging requirements. It is created keeping in mind the efficient operational ability of a blog tool along with light configuration status that makes Chyrp an easy to handle blogging engine.

PHP and MySQL are the driving forces of Chyrp. It boasts of vast customary themes and solid unit engine. Hence, you get the opportunity to alter it according to your preference and convenience.

There is an innovative system of Feathers that generates your entire content set up and thus makes Chyrp flexible enough to modify itself as per your needs.

You can either choose to go on with the default Text barb or scuttle a normal blog. Chyrp also erases the thin line of difference between a normal blog and a tumblelog.

Chyrp came into existence through much experimentation and attempts on a MCMS (mynimal CMS); then Mynimalistic and then on Lingua and now Chyrp was developed.

Chyrp is built as an open source application made of very light and easy codes and a very small track so that even the non-technical people can also reap the advantages of a blogging application.

The technical set up is such that you will be able to revise it according to your personal requirements. You can put in external enhancements, anti bugs and other alterations.

Features of Chyrp

Chyrp has some helpful features that come in handy for your blogging purposes. These features include:

  1. The new version of Chyrp has been introduced. Chyrp v2.5 Beta1 offers automated updates and helps you overwrite any previous documentation. However, be careful while overwriting as sometimes a new document automatically deletes the pre existing files in your system. So create proper back up before your Chyrp installation and restoration of the configuration set up.
  2. Chyrp is not meant for money making and hence does not involve much monetary matters. But you always have the opportunity to contribute. Any amount of request is accepted and acknowledged.
  3. You can put up some help in developing Chyrp by creating some modules, theme designs, invoke some feathers and then look forward for their translation, promotion and utility. All these methods are cost free.
  4. Chyrp is authorized by the MIT license and is thus a protected means for blogging and other text handling purposes.
  5. This software is made available free of cost to you and any of the features like modification, translation or promotion involves any hidden cost.
  6. There is the Git repository that enables you to acquire Chyrp and keep updated with its development process. But for this repository to work for you first you need to ensure whether you have Git installed in your system or not.
  7. Without PHP or MySQL in your host provider it is recommended not to go for Chyrp as these are the essential support back up for its maximum functionality.

Thus, if you fulfill all the requirements and if the features included seem useful to you then you can try out Chyrp and get a hand to it from their official website.

Download : Chyrp blogging engine


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