Buuteeq – digital marketing system for hotel industry

The DMS or the Digital Marketing System has been a popular program in various associations. Buuteeq is a special kind of DMS based web application that is catering the needs of the Hotel industry.

Buuteeq digital marketing system

The hotel industry needs to have an extensive and powerful marketing system to extend its profitability. Buuteeq suffices to that need only where the simple interface permits the owners and the staff to handle the marketing operation easily.

All you have to do is pay an annual amount and you will enjoy a full proof customer support and most of all – a continuous improvement in the systems.

Features of Buuteeq

  1. Buuteeq allows you to secure more customers : Buuteeq has a special feature which allows your hotel content to be viewed by more potential customers by utilizing the various social networks and most of all it is made available in your mobile sets and on the web too.
  2. Provide the best marketing mix for your hotels : buuteeq provides one of the best marketing techniques which makes your hotels attractive and is widely accepted by many.
  3. Modernized Reservation System : Buuteeq comes with a modern reservation system that not only allows you to increase your head count but also promotes your hotels.
  4. You upload only once and you can deliver everywhere : All you have to do is just provide the necessary information to your buuteeq account and all the rest will be handled by the application only. It will automatically publish the information’s in the websites and do other necessary marketing functions.
  5. Complete control and proper content editing : You can edit your content any time you wish and the application will automatically perform all the changes and keeps you updated every time you do so.
  6. one time annual subscription : There aren’t any types of hidden cost; all you have to do is pay an annual amount and everything will be covered for you.
  7. Current DMS platforms : The ultra modern DMS platform permits you to live tension free about the marketing prospects. All you have to do is provide good content and effective pictures and the rest will be taken care of.
  8. industrial force technology : buuteeq is developed with the latest technological knowhow and it provides high security too.
  9. Good Customer support : The best of customer assistance is provided to keep you problem free.
  10. Create a distinct brand image : Buuteeq promotes your hotel in such a way that a new brand image is formed which helps you in the future prospect too.
  11. Search engine optimized : Your content will be optimized for a higher search engine rank.
  12. Compelling and gorgeous looking : The gorgeous look of your page along with the compelling features allows many customers to go with your hotel.
  13. Room Overview : A detailed description of the rooms of your hotels will also be provided to provide additional features to your customers.
  14. Best Quality Photos : Upload the best quality images which provide an additional advantage while marketing for your hotel.
  15. Interactive Maps : Provide an accurate map to the viewers to locate the hotel perfectly and reduce any type of transportation problems.
  16. High quality PDF brochures : Your hotels will have high quality PDF brochures that will promote your hotels more in the wide hotel industry.

Thus with such an intensively modified web application, all the hotel industry should have this application to promote it at a superior level.

Download : buuteeq


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