share iCal calendars with family or coworkers on your LAN with Busysync

You are currently viewing share iCal calendars with family or coworkers on your LAN with Busysync

Busysync is up till now such a mechanism that will cause you to think “how could apple miss such an idea?” It’s manageable in terms of setting up several ical calendars amidst various computers at home and workplace network.


It’s intensely smart setting, subscribers can check out; compile calendars it will be immediately circulated with preferred alteration.

Apart from that it helps to symphonize peer-to-peer settings, among several MACs, or to systematize the composite of personal MACs or calendars displayed on the server.

Comparatively advanced, as Busysync correlate with Google. Thus allows you to adapt mechanism to edit, view and display calendars online and power users can also prefer control process through internet.

This permits you with the system to combine calendars amongst work & home. Alterations that are made offline are balanced when you get connected the next time.

Busysync renders you with password guarding system on specific calendars & curbs admission to certain subscribers. On the whole this application is an effective one and worthy, recent subscribers are provided with cut rate if they switch to Busycal the latest tale from Busysync.

Busysync is amazingly effortless to display ical calendars among family & associates connecting the LAN with being devoted to a particular server. Busysync is Mac OS X System Preference Pane that streams as a backbone & displays calendars allocation ability to iCal.

Diverse calendar settings can be studied by several users; rectifications are immediately broadcasted & distributed among the users through the network. Alterations that are made when you are offline will be updated once you are online the next time.

Features of BusySync

  1. Easy to edit/ view calendars online : It is easy to edit as well as view the events in the calendar both in Google Calendar and iCal and an auto-synchronization is done between the two.
  2. Simple to sync calendars between work and home : Office as well as home computers are easily synced with Google Calendar.
  3. Share your Calendars remotely : Calendars are even shared by users from remote locations by synchronization with the Google Calendar, even when they are travelling.
  4. Sync your Google Calendar : Syncing of the iCal with the Google Calendar for the purpose of online reading-writing access to the calendars of yours from any of the computer or from anywhere.
  5. Multi User Editing : Any number of users is free to edit and share their calendars with the permission of full write- read access. Any changes made are instantly viewed by all other users who are online on the network at that very moment.
  6. Security : All the calendars are secured by providing a password for read-only or read-write access.

After the initial setup is complete you can start working with Busysync 2.1.6 to share calendars within a small group or family quite easily.

The available best option for iCal syncing among the users is none other than the Busysync as it is superior to almost any other iCal calendars.

Download : BusySync

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