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BootStrapToday is an online project management and collaboration software specially designed for small teams and organization to organize, share and collaborate project data with team members to improve productivity, traceability and provide proper task delegation and timely delivery. It has IP address based security encryption , and has role based access to separate the databases. Bootstraptoday manages all your documents online with proper versioning and regular backups.


Bootstraptoday primarily is a version control software for code and document versioning.  It can also collaborate and manage multiple projects. It has its own dashboard, ticket management system, wall for posting comments, milestones, knowledge base, activity stream and access control system.

Bootstraptoday ticket management helps to provide centralized ticket management solution, which can be used in tracking bugs, Task, Feature/Enhancement, Review Tasks etc… Easy to customize the view of the users with advanced filters Users can prioritize their tickets, assign work to the team members and can also keep a track of all the changes made.

The milestones add significant value to the project scheduling. It allows one to keep a track of all the tickets in milestones. The bootstrap wall helps the entire team members to announce tasks and share ideas with the team member. In bootstrap, each project has its own Wiki and this can be used for creating project knowledge base.

It provides dashboard for every project, and also provides an up date view of the current health of the project. The project chart gives a graphical view of the status of the project; the projects are shown in way of pie chart and bar charts to give a view of the projects progress. Source control or version control is an important part to today’s software development; this controls all the files and allows the developers to see what changes they have done in the past. It also enables the team member to work together simultaneously.

Features of Bootstrap

  1. Entrepreneur and small time businessman can reap benefits from this software, as the application is quite easy to implement and manage.
  2. The application is beneficial for the artists, designers and architects, as the versioning feature of this tool and gives them a data back up.
  3. For companies who manage outsourced works, bootstrap is a great tool to simplify their communication with the customers and increase the transparency in the work and operation.
  4. The application can easily manage dashboard activities, handles milestones and at the same time, maintains the client relationship.
  5. Students can also reap benefits from this software, as it helps them to manage their task list and the project.
  6. It gives them the exposure to the standard of the industry project management tools.

This unique application is available as a thirty days trial for the users. One can use it and judge its benefits, and then can purchase it later. Plenty of plans are there to suit the need and pocket of every user. Users can choose from Gold, silver, bronze and platinum plans. The USP of the product lies in its simplicity and uniqueness, which also makes it popular as a powerful application for daily use.

Download : BootStrapToday

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