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Several medium and small sized businesses as well as CPAs use which is an Cloud based financial office that help you to organize your day-to-day finances and optimize your cash flow.

Bill-com cloud based financial office

The users of can pay route, receive invoices electronically – which means that they will never be required to touch the billing paper again – that is not only very cost effective but also time saving. provide everything that required to manage you businesses like the Documents, workflow, payment processing, invoicing, and collections directly from cloud,

So user can directly access to their financial documents bills, invoices and transactions from any web browser or mobile device at anytime.

All the invoices are scanned, emailed or faxed into the service of The invoice images that are digital are then sent electronically for approval, thereby ensuring an audit trail and also the elimination of mishandled or lost paper.

Mailing as well as check printing is effectively handled by the and several other aspects such as the electronic payments, fraud enterprise class protections for midsized as well as small businesses are implemented in

Popular desktop is integrated with the and accounting packages are also available on-demand that ensures the consistency of financial data and also provides a streamlined reporting, financial planning and audit activities.

Several awards have been already received by the regarding this. is a new document workflow service and electronic cash-management is also helping that is available in the beta version.

it has Sync features that allow you to Sync your chart of account and your vendors to provide same account statement in both system (without you doing the typing!).

The paper for invoices as well as flow payments is easily managed by the Electronic documents are also tracked that includes bills that not only saves money and time but also assists them in maintaining a great control over the cash flow.

The beta version is absolutely free until this year ending. With the advent of the 2008, each and every individual user of is supposed to pay $10 per month, with an added amount of $1 for each and every transaction. enables you to provide new documents in the following three ways: scanning of the hard copies as well as the file uploading from your own PC, fax as well as e-mailing files and documents to the private account of your

A system is being set for scanning invoices related to paper and also their corresponding conversion into desired electronic format such as the Microsoft Office 2007 or PDF in-order to enter into the

The website of supports the viewing of any document entered into the system as well the transaction details are also provided. Your bill can be even paid by the

Best of all, you can have multiple people handle your payment and invoicing process without giving them access to your bank account! You get flexibility with total control.

Features of

  1. Lower costs and increase productivity through the use of document imaging that is paperless, integrated online bill payment and automated routing of bills through any of the US bank.
  2. Faster payment with low-cost electronic payments as well as online invoicing directly into the bank account of yours.
  3. Payment decisions are made in better way with the provision of calendar that is cash flow and all the information’s can be accessed at any time depending upon your need through the use of any device.

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