Build rich database application for Mobile and Desktop with Aware IM

For those developers and business professionals who want to build rich web database applications on Web without the aid of any programming methodology use this software known as the Aware IM. The usability of this software is far more easily compared to all the other related software of similar types.

Aware IM Web application builder

The way it deals with the complex and complicated business tasks is just unimaginable. Several features of Aware IM are as follows: Access to web-browser, Word and Excel can be created in a personalized manner from the existing databases; incoming and outgoing e-mails can be handled automatically by this software, definition of business rules, scheduling of tasks automatically, and auto-fixation of a number of minor problems.

The uniqueness of this software is guaranteed and this marks the difference of Aware IM from the rest of applications that are built around it. Full customer satisfaction is the main concern of the developers while developing this software.

Aware IM are used by two sectors of people:

  1. For developers – people who build or develop web applications in-order to satisfy the customers so that they can buy it.
  2. For corporate users – people who create their own applications for their explicit use in their own organization.

Features of AwareIM

  1. True Web Applications : Aware IM designed are developed using HTML as the underlying base which in turn is used as the interface.
    • Only the availability of an Internet Browser is sufficient for the running of this software and there is absolutely no need to install or download any other software in-order to use Aware IM.
    • A very user-friendly user interface is provided by Aware IM so that general people with no specialization in any field may not face any difficulty to use it.
    • No internet connection is required for accessing Aware IM. By just using an Internet browser applications can be accessed by users through their local area network in office.
    • Integration of Aware IM is possible easily with all other already existing web-sites within the organization.
  2. Build rich web database applications for mobile, PC, Linux and MAC without learning any other programming language.
  3. Works equally well with all operating system (multiplatform) : Aware IM is platform independent and does not depend on the operating system on which it runs. It works equally well with all operating system be it windows or be it Linux or be it any other.
  4. Multiple User : The same application can be accessed by several users at the same time. The number of users who can simultaneously access the application is unlimited.
  5. Mobile Support : Mobile devices are capable of supporting the usage of Aware IM applications. No separate applications are needed to be developed for the mobile devices for the use of Aware IM application.
  6. Support multiple Languages : Almost any language is supported by this feature and conventionally you can create your own language for your ease-of-use.
  7. Flexible Search : Required and flexible data can be searched rapidly using this software Aware IM has a number of powerful and flexible data search capabilities. There is absolutely no need to have any SQL knowledge for using this software.
  8. Easy Data Definition : no need to describe business elements in terms of database tables, columns, files or records. All business elements are define as objects with attributes describing either some simple facts (textual, numeric, etc.) or links (single or multiple) to other related objects.
  9. Support automatic relationships : it fully support data relationship including one-to-one, many-to-one and many-to-many relationships.
  10. Support for automatic table management
  11. Works with J2EE-compliant application servers.

All these powerful features marks the difference of this software with the rest of the parallel software built parallel to it. There are so many features in it including the ease-of-use and understandability marks the growing popularity and increased usability of this software.

Download : Aware IM


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