Areca Backup – personal backup software for Linux and Windows

Backup is one thing that is very frequently required by anyone who has their significant data or information stored in their computers. To initiate the backing up process, the very first thing that you will require is that of a backup tool.

Areca Backup is one such backup tool that has been developed in the efficient java platform. It is not only a simple back up tool; it has several more features that make it a unique tool.

Areca Backup Java personal backup software

File encryption, compression, incremental backup, easy file exploration and several other efficient features. One very important aspect that the Areca Backup takes care of is the aspect of reliability.

The unique transfer system is designed in such a way that no data is ever lost and also it is kept absolutely secured.

Users who are comfortable with command-line interface (CUI) can work in the command-line interface while users who are comfortable with the graphical user interface can work on the graphical user interface as Areca backup provides both the option.

You will also be having additional features where you can trace any file with the aid of the date of modification. One of the most important aspects of Areca backup is the fact that it can run on any operating systems running in the market.

Features of Areca Backup

  1. Each and every archive can be compressed separately with Zip and Zip64 format.
  2. The archives that you have created can be encrypted for additional protection by using AES128 & AES256 encryption algorithms.
  3. You will have many options to store your all important data like USB key, network drive, hard drive, SFTP or FTP server etc..
  4. File can be filtered in many categories like date, size, extensions and many more.
  5. Full, differential and incremental types of backup support.
  6. You can have an altogether separate section where you can store the modified files.
  7. The contiguous archives which takes up much of the backup space can be integrated and thus saving much of the space which can be used to store more files
  8. You will also have the additional option where you can keep a backup of all your important archives in accordance with the date that you select
  9. The integrity behind every backing up process of the Areca backup tool is transactional that ensures the security of every archives of yours
  10. Reports are generated after the completion of each and every back up process that can be kept by you as a confirmation report or can be mailed to any other people
  11. Backup reports : Areca generates backup reports that can be stored on your disk or sent by email.
  12. Shell scripts can be initiated by the Areca Backup tool after the completion of the backing up process
  13. Symbolic links, named pipes, file permissions can be recovered or stored in the Linux platform
  14. You can search the archives pretty easily with the efficient search toolbar given in the tool
  15. Manifests can be assigned to each and every archives
  16. The areca backup tool always keeps a track of every archive of yours so that you can view any of the archives when required and can also recover it if damaged.
  17. Backup simulation
  18. It also keeps a history of all the major processes that are initiated
  19. Two user interfaces are available

With such an array of effective features, Areca backup is sure to heighten the standard of the backup tools.

Download : Areca Backup


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