May 8, 2012
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23 free android medical apps for medical professionals

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23+ free android medical apps for medical professionals. If you are medical professional like Doctors, Physicians, healthcare professional or nurses and looking for some useful medical apps for android device.


If you are medical professional like Doctors, Physicians, healthcare professional or nurses and looking for some useful medical apps for android device. Here is a 23+ absolutely free and useful Android medical apps for medical professional.23 free android medical apps for medical professionals

  1. Medscape for Android

    Medscape is a one of the most popular and free Android medical apps that give you comprehensive, original, free professional medical content such as review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles, book reviews, and many more for medical specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals. The application is very easy to use and simple to understand, no need to follow any complex procedure to operate Medscape. Just a simple, 1 time, free registration automatically give you a personalized medical specialty site that best fits your registration profile. – Medscape

  2. First Aid android medical apps

    First Aid Android medical apps give you instant solution when you are in a emergency situation. The First Aid medical Apps is totally based on illustrations, videos and short texts that give you proper guidance on how to take efficient necessary action step by step in the right direction. – First Aid

  3. Cardiograph – personal heart rate measuring apps for android

    Cardiograph is a personal heart rate measuring apps for Android that allow user to measure their Heart Rates. it’s an Android medical apps that use your smartphone’s built-in camera to get an accurate reading instantly at anytime from anywhere. it has beautifully designed Authentic visual user interface which purely based on real-life medical equipment. – Cardiograph

  4. Epocrates Rx – free mobile drug reference apps for android

    Epocrates Rx is a free mobile drug reference apps for Android which specially designed for healthcare professional that give you useful information about thousands of drug monographs, formularies, drug-drug interactions, a pill identifier tool, and more.  – Epocrates Rx for Android

  5. Skyscape android Medical Resources App

    Skyscape is a medical resource apps for Android that specially developed for medical professional like physicians, nurses, educators, students, residents and all HCPs. The Medical apps provide all important drug guides, medical alerts, journal summaries and references directly from 50 + medical publisher. – Skyscape Android Medical Resources App

  6. Calculate by QxMD – Clinical calculator apps for android

    Calculate Medical Apps by QxMD is a next generation clinical calculator and decision support Apps for all major mobile platform like iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. it is mainly focus on highlighting tools which specially useful for clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis. it not just calculate the numbers, it help you in making right decisions. – Calculate by QxMD

  7. BMI Calculator for android

    BMI Calculator is a free Android medical apps that help you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). – BMI Calculator (free) for Android

  8. Visual Anatomy Free for android

    Visual Anatomy free is a free android medical apps for interactive reference and education tool. The Android medical apps included 12 high-resolution images and more than 200 feature points which can be interactively selected. Each feature have their own label and short description. it also have search functionality which you can use to search the labels of all feature points. – Visual Anatomy Free

  9. WebMD android medical apps

    WebMD for Android give you useful information related to health. it also decision support tools which help you in your decision making and health improvement effort by providing 24/7 easy mobile access to your health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings. – WebMD for Android

  10. AyurvedaBook apps for android

    AyurvedaBook is a free android medical apps that give you some of the rare listed Ayurveda Herbals details. it provide all Ayurveda Herbals details description with image and also show you their side effects. it has more then 50 different Herbals details. – AyurvedaBook for Android

  11. PubMed Mobile

    With PubMed Mobile user can search PubMed database with over 19 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals. Provide Keyword support to search biomedical articles and life science journals with options and then save your search query and citations. – PubMed Mobile

  12. Prognosis – Your Diagnosis

    Prognosis – Your Diagnosis is a one and only free Android medical apps or clinical case simulation game that allow you to investigate, deduce and diagnose complex clinical cases within minutes with funny, interactive cartoon-style narrative. it was specially designed for Doctors, Medical students and Nurses. – Prognosis : Your Diagnosis

  13. Quick LabRef for android

    Quick LabRef is known as Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference is a Android medical Apps that give you up-to date information about most commonly used clinical laboratory values. All information like lab tests and values are organized in logical order using an easy-to-follow grid-styled format. – Quick LabRef

  14. I.V. Drug Handbook – Android medical guidebook for drug administration

    I.V. Drug Handbook is a useful free Android medical guidebook for drug administration. it has more then 350 parenteral drugs and practical advise on drug administration.  – I.V. Drug Handbook

  15. Test Your Hearing medical apps for android

    Teat Your Hearing is a free Android medical Apps for test your hearing with given guided experiments. Their is two useful and important tests available in this Apps one is test frequency range and frequency differentiation. – Test Your Hearing

  16. Sex Facts apps for android

    Sex Facts is a one of the most popular free Android medical apps that give you most amazing, useful and coolest facts about Sex, Sexuality and Sexual organs etc… – Sex Facts for android

  17. Human Anatomy android apps

    Human Anatomy is a Simple educational quick reference Android app that contains useful information about fifteen different biological systems. Each Illustration of biological systems can be easily zoom in and zoom out by using pinch torch. Human Anatomy

  18. Human Body Facts android medical apps

    Human Body Facts is a Ad supported free android medical apps that provide you Amazing 400 facts about Human Body.  – Human Body Facts

  19. Heart ECG Guide – Lite

    Heart ECG Guide – Lite is a simple android medical apps that help you in reading your electrocardiogram on your Android device and see the difference. it include most common 25 different physiologic/pathologic ECG. – Heart ECG Guide – Lite

  20. Doctor At Home

    Doctor at Home is a Android Apps that give you simple home remedies in the treatment of commonly found diseases like cold, fever and cough etc.. user can easily treat these diseases at home by using commonly available things at home like aamla,grapes,lemon,ginger etc… – Doctor At Home

  21. Nutrition Tips apps for android

    Nutrition Tips is a Android medical apps that contains a rich collection of 500+ most interesting and useful nutrition tips & nutritional health facts that improve your diet, overall health, beauty and youthfulness.  – Nutrition Tips

  22. BloodPressureDB

    BloodPressureDB is a simple medical apps for Android that record your blood pressure. it store your systolic and diastolic blood pressure together with your pulse at a given time then it make chart on selectable time range. User can open chart in a larger view by touching the chart. Get free PDF blood pressure report with chart for more information. – BloodPressureDB

  23. My Pregnancy for Android

    My Pregnancy Apps for Android is a pregnancy medical apps that follow her own pregnancy day by day, week after week. it calculate the estimate due date, the fetal age, which is the age of your developing baby. – My Pregnancy apps

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