Dec 10, 2012
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17 Best Mobile browser for Android

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17 best Mobile web browser for Android. There is almost more then 1000+ web browser available on Google Play market. each and every web browser unique with their own new features. Here is a list of 17 useful and best mobile web browser for android. I hope like it.


What are the most important Mantra for a successful Mobile Web Browser? Obviously the browser should be fast performing, multifunctional, lightweight, well-promoted and well-designed , good-looking and don’t forget to offer something New that others don’t have.

There is almost more than 1000+  web browser available on Google Play market. each web browser unique with their own new features. Here is a list of 17 useful and Best Mobile Browser for android. I hope like it.

  1. Firefox for Android


    Popular Mozilla Firefox browser now also available for android. it’s an free mobile web browser that puts the power of the open web in your hands with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet. You can also sync your favorite sites and bookmark’s with your desktop browser via desktop-to-mobile Sync features.  – Firefox Browser for Android

  2. Dolphin Browser for Android

    dolphin Mobile browser for Android

    Dolphin browser for Android is a one of the best and most popular Mobile browser for android available for free. it is first mobile browser who introduced multi-touch Gesture, Sonar, Webzine and Add-on functionality on Android. – Dolphin Browser

  3. Opera Mobile browser

    opera Mobile browser for Android

    Opera Mobile give you best mobile browsing experience on Android. it is fast, easy to use yet smooth, when ever you’re browsing on a tablet or smart phone. it adapts automatically to the way you read, watch or interact on a smaller screen. You’ll enjoy all your favorite websites even more in Opera Mobile.  – Opera Mobile web browser

  4. Opera Mini

    opera mini Mobile browser for Android

    Opera Mini is a fastest mobile browser for android that save your lots of money which you spending on mobile Data by compressing data up to 90% with unique compression technology. it’s an ideal mobile browser for slower or limited data plans user. – Opera Mini

  5. Skyfire Browser for Android

    skyfire Mobile browser for Android

    Skyfire is a first mobile browser that give you PC-like browsing experience on your mobile devices, including sites that use Adobe Flash. Also it has highly customizable and scrollable Skyfire Toolbar known as SkyBar where you can select any feature above the toolbar and choose to enable or disable based on your browsing preferences. – Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

  6. Maxthon browser

    Maxthon Mobile browser for Android

    Maxthon browser is a fast, secure, lightweight and highly customizable mobile browser for android that provide support for both the Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. The browser offer all basic features and some advanced features such as Easy to Sync all Bookmarks and favorite from desktop to mobile, private browsing, Amazing browsing speed, Full Screen support, Browser Add-ons, Quick Back, Sharing with friends, Advanced Gestures, themeable, WWW/WAP switch and tab Browsing. – Maxthon Android Web Browser

  7. UC Browser for Android

    UC Browser Mobile browser for Android

    Yet another beautifully designed mobile browser for android – “UC Browser”. UC Browser is a free android browser that give you fast and Smooth web browsing experience on android with Adaptable configuration that help you to adjust your browsing pattern under different network connections, allowing you to reduce data costs and speed up page loading with compression. – UC Browser for Android

  8. Puffin Web Browser Free

    Puffin Browser Mobile browser for Android

    Puffin browser is a cloud accelerated Mobile browser for android devices that give you Desktop like web browsing experience on your tablets and Smartphones.  – Puffin Web Browser Free

  9. Dolphin Browser Mini

    dolphin mini Mobile browser for Android

    Dolphin Browser Mini is a lite version of popular Dolphin browser HD. it main aim to provide a friendly user experience on android with High speed responsibility and Infinite tabs browsing. Features included Multi touch Gesture, Multi-touch pinch zoom, Multi-tab browsing, Tool Box, RSS Detection, Bookmarks sync and Flash Support for Froyo. – Dolphin Browser Mini

  10. Sleipnir Mobile Browser for Android

    Sleipnir Mobile Mobile browser for Android

    Sleipnir mobile is a multiplatform mobile browser that let you browse the Web with ease using the highly customizable tabs and intuitive functionality possible with the vast selection of mobile gestures. it’s an smartphone based mobile browser available for all type of Mobile OS such as iPhone / iPad, Windows Phone and android devices . Even you can freely sync bookmarks between multiple devices using the free cloud service. – Sleipnir Mobile

  11. iLunascape 2 for Android

    iLunascape 2 Mobile browser for Android

    iLunascape 2 is a simple, clean and fast tabbed browsing Mobile browser for android and iOS devices. it give you a unique “InReach” user interface that locates tabs and menus down near the bottom of browser within easy reach of your hands. – iLunascape 2

  12. Boat Browser

    Boat Browser Mobile browser for Android

    Boat browser make your mobile web browsing so simple, easy and smart. The browser UI is a highly customizable, so you can change the UI as per your requirement like you can change the button’s location as you like, furthermore, you can install your favorite add-ons to your browser for make him more powerful. – Boat Browser

  13. Ninesky Browser for Android

    Ninesky Mobile browser for Android

    Ninesky browser is a specially optimized for web browser for mobile and Pad with HTML5 and Flash Support. – Ninesky Browser

  14. jigbrowser+ web browser for Android

    jigbrowser web browser

    jigbrowser+ is a specialize web browser for mobile devices with Advanced Tabs and other useful operating features such as using tabs and menus, Web page clipping, and Web page sharing can all be performed with one hand. – jigbrowser+

  15. QQBrowser for Android

    QQBrowser for Android

    QQBrowser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser for android that allows you to access your favorites sites and other thousand of sites on your phone as fast and easily as using a computer. when you browse you sites with QQBrowser, it will automatically turn web pages in WAP pages for better display and smaller image size. – QQ Browser

  16. Exsoul Web Browser

    Exsoul Browser Mobile browser for Android

    Exsoul browser is a mobile web browser with speedy performance and easy usability. Anyone can post real-time comments towards websites you are watching or all over the world without any user registration or login. – Exsoul Browser

  17. Angel Browser

    Angel Browser Mobile browser for Android

    Angel browser is a multifunctional android browser which give you tabbed browsing, All-in-one search box, easy to Export/Import Google Bookmarks and other bookmarks, UserAgent switcher, View Source, Screenshot, Read Later, Full screen, Gesture, Custom menu and Sensor auto scroll. – Angel Browser

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